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Ellen In The House!

I do not mean Ellen DeGeneres but someone that needs no introduction, Ellen Whyte. We all know Ellen from her book entitled Katz Tales: Living Under The Velvet Paw and the Dog Talk column on The Star newspaper. Basically, Ellen wanted to visit the rabbits and ask me a few questions for her upcoming article. Watch out for the article as I promised Ellen not to say a word about it. I am honored she allowed me to post this up.

With Ellen Whyte in the rabbitry. My wifey can take good photos too!

A rainy Saturday morning. It couldn’t get better than this. The bunnies were all very happy as though they knew someone special is coming. The first rabbit that caught Ellen’s attention is Sibylla. She was just sitting there looking at Ellen and she was successful in getting her attention. Ellen picked her up and held her for a while. One thing I need to learn from Ellen is how she can strike a conversation with any animal that she picks up. There will be a lot more talking in the rabbit room now.

Though it was a pretty short visit, I hope Ellen gathered enough information as needed. I really enjoyed chatting with her and knowing what’s on her mind. I am really happy that she didn’t get a shock looking at my little rabbitry which by all normal standard, out of the ordinary.

Ellen, if you are reading this, THANK YOU very much for visiting. It was a pleasure having you over!

For the rest of my readers, do look out for another wonderful article by Ellen. You have been informed…

A virtual mark can be seen written all over Meadow Haven that reads, Ellen wuz here



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Farewell Betty!

It is never easy looking for the perfect home for TLR babies let alone say goodbye to them. I find myself engaging in a lot of conversations with their new owners to basically distract myself from missing having the kits around. At the end of the day when I write a post of a successful “rehoming”, I would like to write with great joy and hope. I do find something to hold on to as a sense of security that my little kit will do well. In some cases, I hold on to the image of a particular expression on the new owner’s face.

It was pretty dark when I pull up in front of Betty’s new owners’ house. I was greeted by Mr. P who has been inquiring for a TLR rabbit for quite sometime. Mr. P shares his interest in rabbits with his daughter. It is always nice to have one of the adults in the family having interest in pets. Mr. P and his daughter reminded me very much of how I used to be when I was so much younger. Anything that can be made a pet will always capture my attention. I really have both my parents to thank for nurturing my interest in keeping animals as pets.

Mr. P showed me his humble setup which was partly DIY project. Overall it was pretty clean and I did advice on the cage flooring. I shared with him some tips on how to help make life in the cage a little more comfortable. To a certain extend, everyone deserves the chance to start somewhere and I believe that with a little more research and reading up, Mr. P and his daughter would do really well with the rabbits.

The expression that I took home today was when I took Betty out of the carrier and the expression on his daughter’s face was priceless.

At least I made someone happy today. I hope Betty would be a great pet for the family.

Goodbye little Betty!

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