Farewell Betty!

It is never easy looking for the perfect home for TLR babies let alone say goodbye to them. I find myself engaging in a lot of conversations with their new owners to basically distract myself from missing having the kits around. At the end of the day when I write a post of a successful “rehoming”, I would like to write with great joy and hope. I do find something to hold on to as a sense of security that my little kit will do well. In some cases, I hold on to the image of a particular expression on the new owner’s face.

It was pretty dark when I pull up in front of Betty’s new owners’ house. I was greeted by Mr. P who has been inquiring for a TLR rabbit for quite sometime. Mr. P shares his interest in rabbits with his daughter. It is always nice to have one of the adults in the family having interest in pets. Mr. P and his daughter reminded me very much of how I used to be when I was so much younger. Anything that can be made a pet will always capture my attention. I really have both my parents to thank for nurturing my interest in keeping animals as pets.

Mr. P showed me his humble setup which was partly DIY project. Overall it was pretty clean and I did advice on the cage flooring. I shared with him some tips on how to help make life in the cage a little more comfortable. To a certain extend, everyone deserves the chance to start somewhere and I believe that with a little more research and reading up, Mr. P and his daughter would do really well with the rabbits.

The expression that I took home today was when I took Betty out of the carrier and the expression on his daughter’s face was priceless.

At least I made someone happy today. I hope Betty would be a great pet for the family.

Goodbye little Betty!


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  1. yueyi

    i missed this post..all the best betty..may u hav a great home and family

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