How To Turn B*tch Mode On!

Pet peeves, everyone has them. No exceptions with me. Through time I have collected some classic examples of what I dislike and I don’t normally write about them because people may use it against me. I can be an extremely moody person at times. Though it is never profitable raising Hollands as a hobby, even if it is possible, I’ll be an EPIC failure in doing so. The reason being, I am a really bad Customer Service Officer. With the way I deal with inquiries, there wouldn’t even be after sales service because there will not be any sale made in the first place.

Ask those that has got a TLR bunny and you’ll know the pain they went through before having the joy of owning one. Yes, I grill and I scrutinize every detail. I might have failed a couple of times but it is really tough and it is a well known fact among the local forumers.

If you are wondering how to have hell breaking loose and to unleash the major b*tch in me, following are a couple of examples how I nearly bald myself in many occassions.


All my pet peeves revolves around this type of inquirers. It is hard to get a TLR rabbit so many resort to lying. If I remember correctly and if my assumption is correct, I have had someone standing in as a PROXY. A possible proxy to a breeder perhaps. Sweet talked me into selling off one of my rabbits and I have not heard about that rabbit since.


Some adults have to hide behind their children to get stuff that they like. I know many of us like Transformers toys and some fathers would say that he buys them for his son but really, it was for himself! Here I have some adults calling me for rabbits and trying to hit the soft spot by saying, “It is a present for my little sweetie”. It would be worse if they had asked for A PAIR of Hollands from me. It saddens me a lot to know that the person receiving the rabbit do not have experience raising rabbits as pets before. This classic example gets even more interesting because not only the “daughter” does not have experience but, an ad was put up to sell a rabbit that was bought for her 2 days ago! My reply was plain and simple, if that rabbit did not make the cut, nothing would suit her! What a RISK taker!


Never ever show me signs that tell me that my rabbits are disposable commodities. Love them today, hate them tomorrow is a major NO NO NO for me! Don’t ever tell me things like, “I have a few local rabbits and if I get a Holland from you, I’ll give them away“!


I totally hate inquiries through SMS or Text messages. There isn’t any sincerity at all! Email me at least if you are voice shy. I must know who my rabbits are going to!


It has been written very clearly that my rabbitry is a closed rabbitry. That means NO VISITS. This helps me lower the risk of unwanted problems. I do not like to blame others if my rabbits get infestation of parasites and I do not like to expose them to possible bacteria that could be brought in by others. The best thing to do is keeping my rabbitry closed to visitors so please don’t ask for my location.

There you have it, my most hated pet peeves of all time.

If you are a major character that I must bow down to, don’t ever bother inquiring. I am a larger B*tch to be bowed down to. My arrogance is only and will always be FOR MY RABBITS!

Oops, sorry for the ramblings, now TAKE A NUMBER AND GET ON THE WAITING LIST!


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  1. yueyi

    somebody is on fire!!! at least u are straight forward about what u like and those “terasa” ones will know how to own up and improve themselves..siape makan cili dialah yang terasa pedas

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