Dry Days

As I sat down here looking at the dashboard of my weblog, I wonder what I should write today. It has been a while since I last updated this blog and I mean a real update. I came to realize that pretty much about everything regarding rabbits has been covered in websites, weblogs and forums. At that department, I believe I have pretty much covered as well. The only issue I believe with having a weblog is that, readers tend to read the latest and they do not normally go through the archive. I must admit the search option on this blog is fantastic but the problem is, I have not been tagging my posts until recently so there are some pretty nice posts that doesn’t get pulled up when searched.

Life is pretty much routine at the moment. I guess that is the reason why we go into varieties. It is understandable when a rabbit remains as a rabbit no matter how we change its outlook. That must be the reason why many breeders started going into varieties be it breed or color to add a little zest into an otherwise routine and boring life.

Thinking ahead, I do not feel that it is time to venture out to add varieties to the herd just yet. Right now everything is just about to sustain a healthy little herd. I rather try not to create such a big change in the dynamics of the herd. Even a little small change may cause troubles of epic proportions. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the entire basket.

If change is not what I am seeking, what could be it?

That is exactly what I would like to write about today. I am pretty curious as to what millions if not billions of pet owners out there do during these “dry days”. I know we all do spend a certain amount of time with our pets everyday. My question is, what happens when we’re tied down and I am sure there are times when we do not even want to have a look at our pet due to time constraints?

When I was feeling a little under the weather somewhere last week, the last thing I could think about was my rabbits. I just did not have the energy for them because my body just weren’t in the right state to do bunny chores. I was pretty sure some of my readers have had such an experience before.

Getting into the dry spell is easy but getting out of it is definitely a pain. Just like any hobby, to a certain extend I am sure some of us have our “burnt out” days.

How I snapped out of it? I believe surrounding myself with people of the same hobby did help me bounce back pretty easily. Friends in the hobby keep us going. The group of friends I have is amazing and wonderful. They don’t need to do anything except for sharing some photos of their beautiful bunnies. Looking at bunny photos shared by my friends really inspires me to keep on going.

How do you get your zest for life back when you’re down?


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  1. only photos?? and videos too!!!! U fergot to mention videos 😦 ok la… video 😛

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