Fred, Thunder’s Clone

If you know enough breeder friends, most of them will tell you that most of their champs are pulled out from the bottom cages. There are many dark horses in this hobby. The right term to use is, growing them out. Certain lines mature much slower than others. But if space and time is not an issue, Holland kits should be given a chance to grow. The best thing to do is not to look at them at all and they will surprise you one day.

That is the case with Fred.  And since there is no successful buyer, I’ll be keeping him.

I call that my HAMBURGER!

What a Cutie Pie!

I really like this guy!



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4 responses to “Fred, Thunder’s Clone

  1. mira

    why no succesful buyer?he’s cute much dis guy? 🙂

  2. yueyi

    yay tru luv keeping handsome fred…
    well if u really love care for your pet surely u need to find them a suitable home and not just give away blindly

  3. I’ll ask shiro if he needs a brother to share his living area. But u know, he’s full of jealousy! 😛

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