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Keeping The Passion Alive

Burn outs – I am sure all of us has gone through it. When our lives get too hectic, most often then not, we start to prioritize. I have written a lot of about priorities in life and I have often mentioned that pets are easy target when inevitable changes happen in our lives. A dear friend wrote a very good piece on this topic – Too many lives, not enough homes. As far as that “department” is concerned, I am glad that people knows how TLR works and my inquiries are normally from people who wants to have a neutered Holland Lop as pet. It is amazing how when you are amongst the best, you become one of them. Though I am just half way there, I have Alicia to thank for showing me good examples and it was based on her ideas that the TLR sales policy were written.

Coming back to the topic, we’re sometimes pretty weak and we’re subjected to many trials and tribulations in life. When we’re faced with tough situations, we may not only feel like quitting what’s causing the tough situation but these tough situations may also cloud our judgment and thus, cause us to quit our passion.

MROC is not dead by the way. We’re very much alive. I take pride in having a small group of rabbit friends and I must say that we’re TIGHT! I hope more will join us soon. We have dinner together sometimes and I am glad we are all taking initiatives to meet up once in a while. And I truly enjoy these outings. The amazing thing is, these friendships are made through our beloved rabbits. So since MROC is made up of bunny lovers, as long as we’re each alive and kicking, this club is very much alive too. It is really up to each individual how they want to grow in this club. Everyone has got full control over how much they want to make out of this club and to be part of it. My apologies for the inactivity on the parts of newsletter. Each of the officers have a life and when we’re busy, MROC is the least of our worries. That is how MROC is made and I like it to stay that way. It is a non-committal club that will take long slumbers and only awake when necessary – LOL!

So, if you ask me if I have ever thought of giving up my rabbits? I would say YES, many times over. And what makes me persevere in this hobby when it seemed like the end? There are many things that holds me back from giving up and below is just a few of the good things that keep my passion alive:

1. When the breeders in USA showed me photos of the rabbits that they are sending, I normally feel very emotional about it. There is a concoction of mixed feelings. How can I possibly give them the same if not better life compared to them being in USA? But mostly there is a feeling of inadequacy because I make a conscious decision to bring them over here and it is my promise to take good care of them. Whenever I feel like giving up, I remind myself of this little promise I make for each and everyone of the bunnies and also their breeders. I am glad that the basic needs of these rabbits can be met now with fresh green hay, quality rabbit pellets and good vets too.

2. The friends I have in this hobby are AMAZING. We call ourselves the global bunny support group. We are always encouraging each other and engage ourselves in this hobby. Peer pressure holds true here. And when a breeder shares photos of their latest rabbits, it is taken as an inspiration to continue working hard on our own.

3. In my opinion they deserve the best and there is no other place that could give them the care and love I provide for them. As long as they are with me, I have control and I am in control. My apology for indicating that everyone else is incompetent but you will truly understand this feeling when you are in my shoes and if you care that much about your pets. Not a day passes with me thinking about my rabbits living elsewhere. This thought itself will cause me to burn out sometimes.

When you can relate to me and my feelings for my rabbits, you can be very sure that you’re IN too deep with this hobby. They mean the world to you and it is impossible to give them up!

And each time you look at your little bunny, renew that little vow you took that you have made a conscious decision to bring little bunny home and the least you could do is to take good care of it!


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