Today’s Theme Is LOVE, As Usual…

I was listening to someone talk about love today and most of it was about marriage. He spoke about the essence of sustaining a marriage and one of the main points were communication. Never to take for granted the expression of love. And then I heard him saying “Tru Luv”. I suddenly “woke up” from my almost asleep state. Turned out I realized that he wasn’t talking about Tru-Luv Rabbitry but he really meant “through love”. So that got me thinking. What does Tru-Luv really means and my thoughts went straight to my “About Tru-Luv Rabbitry” page. Here, True was spelled as Tru but now I realized that it could also mean Thru or Through.

Yes, this rabbitry of mine is nothing but a labor of love. Having had celebrated Labor Day yesterday, I am sure all of us can relate to what working hard is all about in sustaining our lives. We pour in our sweat and tears to achieve so little sometimes. But whatever we do, it is out of LOVE.

Our hard work is an expression of our love for those who meant so much to us. There is a huge change sweeping across the corporate world. We often hear about WORK & LIFE balance. For me, nothing beats having some time with both my family and my rabbits alike.

But when both family and rabbits come together, it becomes even more precious!

Let's do it for our FUTURE!


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