Super Good News!

Would like to inform all readers that Tru-Luv Rabbitry will be featured in 2 major medias this weekend.

1. The Star Newspaper
Weekender Section
29th May 2010

Thank you very much Ellen Whyte for the opportunity for me to be part of her much anticipated article on an issue that needs dire attention.

2. RTM 1
Selamat Pagi Malaysia
30th May 2010
8.10 a.m.

Thank you very much the producers in RTM for the opportunity for me to give a proper introduction of the Holland Lops to Malaysia first thing in the morning!

Do pray that all bunnies are well behaved especially during the interview. I am still picking the right rabbits to bring with me. So do tune in to RTM 1 if you want to see them live on air. Truffles will be making an appearance too!

Thank you everyone for your support!



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7 responses to “Super Good News!

  1. MBW

    hi!congrats ..btw when is your interview programme?

  2. MBW

    ok sorry for asking ..I just realised that the time is stated 🙂

  3. J&J

    All the best in your first live show! 🙂

  4. yueyi

    good luck tim…will be supporting you from Ipoh…i want see carmel on TV…prettiest HL bunny i’ve seen

    • I really hope I can pull off speaking in BM….thanks for the luck. Need it a lot. They say keep a rabbit’s tail for luck but I have quite a number of rabbit tails plus their body, head and perfect limbs…….so I’ll be specially lucky I guess…..

      • yueyi

        you’ll do fine don’t worry..tru-luv boleh!!..saw your short interview in Star newspaper today…great!!

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