What Would You Do?

Business must be really bad for the other sides. I recently posted an ad with a so called “premier” pet placement portal. Its entire setup shouts “A Loving Home For Every Pet”. I am starting to think otherwise because every tom, dick and harry has an account in it with the mixture of ethical breeders, unethical breeders and a lot of wolves under sheep skins.

Boy did my ad got slandered. One commented that I was arrogant and have no respect for rabbit lovers. I found that amusing coming from the same person that text/sms me one day to buy a rabbit. That is what you get for saying NO!

Another one wrote about how it is the nature of the business of Tru-Luv Rabbitry to gain “repeat sales” by neutering animals so that there would not be competition. How shallow is that right?

Very obvious reason that these people are pet breeders. If it is that hard to ask, come forward and show me some pedigrees as prove that you are working with purebreds and do share with me your objective breeding the rabbits. I will be very much willing to share and improve for the betterment of the breed generally. Let’s talk facts and not cowardice crap talk behind a facade(nickname). No, these breeders will shoot at point blank and it really amazes me.

This person claims to have 25 years experience in raising rabbits and he is 47 years old. Boy do I feel that he missed out a decimal point on his age. He sounded more like a 4.7 years old baby. Alright, enough of personal attacks as I am not going to that level. 25 years of experience raising rabbits but do not even have 1 pedigreed rabbit. That in itself is amazing…

Where shall I begin? Holland Lops, its history traces back more than 20 years ago. Hundreds of breeders worked hard throughout those years to get what we have today. The promise I make to myself (at the least), uphold the purity of the breed and always work towards improving it (health, temperament and overall physical vigor).

Pet breeders, I just don’t know where to start. Alright, comments like “People can enjoy the excitement of new born rabbit, if the rabbit is not neuter or spay” is really self explanatory and I need not explain further. He did not even get his terms right. Neuter is a general term used for both castration(male) and spay(female). To me, regular pet breeders have pretty much the same libido as their pets. Sure, people can enjoy the excitement of anything new born.

Yes, it is a technique not a business tactic cause once again, this is NOT a business. It is a technique to keep my rabbits away from pet breeders who knows close to nothing about what breeding is all about except for making sure 2 rabbits put together is a buck and a doe. Again, I cannot stress enough this is a HOBBY. A hobby that needs to be balanced up well. I am so tired of writing the same thing over and over again. I have lost hope in “new born excitable” people!

For the many things these people have done wrong, I must have at least done something RIGHT. Being appreciated by the media, I must be doing something very RIGHT. Is there anything else that I need to do to justify further?

Nonetheless, their actions are indicators telling me that they are envious, jealous or perhaps feeling the pinch from a more educated public. Their business is indeed bleeding I must say? I challenge them to bleed their business to death by enforcing the neutering policy.

Why blame me? Because I have far more superior stocks? Because I have a different way of sharing my stocks? Because they can’t get nice stocks?

To each his/her own. If you can’t afford it, click on the adopt button, less hassle compared to writing crap comments.

Now you tell me, what would you do?


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