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Tru-Luv Barney Available

He is going through a major molt right now. His forehead is bald from me plucking baby fur.

Alright, this is for real. How fast time flies and this little guy is now ready for booking/sale. Please email Only genuine inquiry please.

D.O.B. : 26th January 2010

Here are some of his baby photos:


Cute Overloaded!

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Guess Who?

Say who?

Who again?


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Fred’s day out

I took Fred out visiting today and he was such a curious furry ball. It is his first time out in the “great outdoors” and all the different sounds intrigues him. He was all perked up, alert and a little apprehensive of the new environment. Nonetheless he had a blast.

What's over there?

Love his cute face with puffy cheeks...


We heard a loud crash and Fred went, WTH?

Not another crash?


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Footy Needs Home

Footy up for adoption

Owner is willing to pay for neutering cost.

Please contact for more details.


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Oak Ridge Rabbitry has got good articles!

I was website hopping again (Holland Lop sites) and realized that Julie Cahill of Oak Ridge Rabbitry has updated her website with AWESOME articles. There are 4 articles there and each and everyone is extremely informative. My favorite has got to be the article on Holland Lop Type. Julie has included pictures on her article to illustrate every point on how to judge a Holland Lop.

Here’s the link Holland Lop Type by Julie Cahill.

Thank you very much Julie for sharing such a wonderful piece!


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Lionhead Paintings in ARBA Library

On behalf of my father, I would like to thank The North American Lionhead Rabbit Club for accepting two of his Lionhead rabbit paintings for Auction. Thanks to Patsy Brooks for requesting for them and Dawn Guth for getting them to the banquet.

Special thanks goes out to Christine Hutchison for purchasing them and donating them to the ARBA Library. It is a beautiful sign that the Lionheads will make it into ARBA as one of the official breeds and they are here to stay!

Black Tort Lionhead Rabbit

Sable Point Lionhead Rabbit

A huge congratulations to the 2010 National Show Committe, a job WELL DONE!


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Today’s Theme Is LOVE, As Usual…

I was listening to someone talk about love today and most of it was about marriage. He spoke about the essence of sustaining a marriage and one of the main points were communication. Never to take for granted the expression of love. And then I heard him saying “Tru Luv”. I suddenly “woke up” from my almost asleep state. Turned out I realized that he wasn’t talking about Tru-Luv Rabbitry but he really meant “through love”. So that got me thinking. What does Tru-Luv really means and my thoughts went straight to my “About Tru-Luv Rabbitry” page. Here, True was spelled as Tru but now I realized that it could also mean Thru or Through.

Yes, this rabbitry of mine is nothing but a labor of love. Having had celebrated Labor Day yesterday, I am sure all of us can relate to what working hard is all about in sustaining our lives. We pour in our sweat and tears to achieve so little sometimes. But whatever we do, it is out of LOVE.

Our hard work is an expression of our love for those who meant so much to us. There is a huge change sweeping across the corporate world. We often hear about WORK & LIFE balance. For me, nothing beats having some time with both my family and my rabbits alike.

But when both family and rabbits come together, it becomes even more precious!

Let's do it for our FUTURE!

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3 Juniors & 1 Senior

I finally had the time to chillax this morning and how else can I spend my time other than snapping some nice photos of the bunnies. The “TumbleTorts” are now exactly 3 months 5 days. That makes them pre-junior age. Sibylla is 6 months and 14 days and that makes her a senior.

Barney spotting a V on his forehead

Barney again, I believe this is what they call having bones to burn! LOL!

Fred - Just look at his cheeks inherited from Thunder. Love em!

Tru-Luv Fred. Sorry, not for sale - LOL!

Tru-Luv Wilma. She's in a superb mood today. Posing naturally for me.

Wilma acting like a puppy

More puppy pose from Wilma

A little more serious pose now. Love the bone and I hope she grow into those long ears.

Sibylla at 6 months. What a cutie...

Sibylla has a certain look inherited from her Dam's line and I hope to work on that. Hopefully steer the next generation towards massive heads.

It is amazing how the quality of rabbits can be improved tremendously with just one generation when you breed good rabbits from superb lines. If all breeders realize this fact, there will be less abandoned pets out there. Unfortunately, quality is not in the minds of many but quantity is. Quantity equates to more “$$$$” for most. As a dear friend told me recently that the world is changing, there is a wave of change coming as far as this is concerned, beware backyard breeders of all kinds!

On another hand, many people told me that my rabbits look huge in pictures. So to put everything in perspective, here’s a little measurement I’ve done and the photo below illustrates the actual size of Tru-Luv Fred.

8 inches x 8 inches

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