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Just Photos

Haley, my littlest bulldog

Carmel, in her best condition



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What Brightens Up My Day!

We can never deny the fact that pets are very good “de-stressing” agents. That is one of the reasons why people with pets will never give up having one after another. I guess most of us are just so hooked to how therapeutic having a pet in our lives.

There are many faces that brighten up my rough days and I need to get a daily fix no matter how hectic my life is.

How not to feel refreshed when you are greeted by such a cute face everyday?


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My GrooOooom Mobile

While many pet lovers spent their day at the Pet Expo, I was occupied with tons of stuff and one of them was spending time refurbishing my old grooming table.

It has been a while since I have a decent stand for my grooming platform so I decided to make one with wheels. Now I can groom anywhere I like.

Someone on the forum mentioned that he was expecting to see me at the pet expo but I have to apologize for my absence. After so long having pets I realized that we do move on to different things. Gone are the days when I spend all day long at pet shops or pet expos. I have learned what are the essentials that I need for my pets that I don’t find it worth getting at the expo. Basically, I have gone to expos like this for far too many times and I end up going home empty handed. So it is pretty pointless for me.

Last year it was pretty interesting to have a little rabbit show and I thought this year there would be one with an ARBA judge as promised by the fancy judge last year. It was mentioned that Mr. R***y may grace the show this year but I guess it did not happen.

Anyway, here’s my new Groom Mobile and I am loving it! Time well spent…

Grooming platform on top and cage below to hold a bunny

I repainted the platform using a darker paint

A closer look at the grooming platform

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Major Roadblock

I have been thinking for the past few days and only now have the time to pen this down. For the past few days, I have been giving thoughts as to what is the hardest part of this hobby raising Holland Lops in Malaysia. Honestly, I find it hard to share in this hobby. As much as I would like to have more friends working with this breed, not many have the same ideologies and beliefs when it comes to the way of raising these rabbits.

I don’t mean to put others down but so far I have only found a handful of hobbyists who are willing to operate the way I do. I am indeed glad that most who have acquired rabbits from me are mostly raising them as house rabbits and have no intention of breeding. Unfortunately, without other breeders, it would be hard to widen the gene pool of Holland Lops in Malaysia.

For the handful that I did share my stocks, how are all of you doing? Do let me know your progress…

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Fred & Sibylla’s Day Out!

It was such a wonderful day and I thought I’ll just bring Fred and Sibylla out on a little garden tour. I love taking outdoor photos with them and so I bundled them both up and off we go to the garden for some awesome photos.

Almost 5 months, Fred giving me a wink!

Still in the midst of a major molt!

I am loving the backdrop. LOL!

Sibylla gave me a shocker while I was snapping photos. There is a little flair in her that reminds me very much of her grandmother Carmel. Carmel has got this very cute attention seeking trait in her and she will normally strike a pose in front of the camera while giving a little shiver like an eager puppy. That was what Sibylla did for me as well! She was such an eager beaver in front of the camera. I did not even attempt to pose her but instead just clicked away! She seemed to love every moment of it.

8 months old Sibylla

Showing off her sexy back!

I absolutely love her. One of my best homegrown for sure!

Look at those wonderful flowers!

Click away!

Surely is Carmel's grand daughter!


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A Good Story For All Of Us

When we give life to toys, there will always be a story to tell. So it is with each and every one of our lives. Every one of us has a story to tell. Whenever I watch a film, I somehow try to derive at least a  moral value out of the story told in it.

The most touching part of this story for me was when Andy passed all his toys to Little Bonnie. Andy wanted someone to take good care of his toys and trust that Bonnie was the right person. On the other hand, the entire movie was about how the toys wanted to find a good home.

I know of some adults who reminisce their childhood so much that they start collecting action figures that they once had as children (and especially those that they regret destroying).

It is not any different if we would apply this story to our beloved pets. Like the toys, they are unable to tell us what they want or prefer but it is totally up to us the human to decide for them.

Most of the time our pets may live longer than our short lived impulse. Most of us only have love that can only last as long as the cuteness of our pets. Thereafter, most of our pets’ fate would be like Lotso’s.

There are also cases where our ability to care for our beloved pets may be short lived in situations such as relocation, a more demanding job or moving into a new place that doesn’t allow pets. In those cases, we really need to ensure that we find new homes that are similar if not better than their current ones.

What I am trying to say is,  LOVE your pet like a toy that matters and means the world to you! Even if you have to pass them down to someone else, find a good owner for them that will do the same.

May you and your pet make a good story together.

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Inquiry 101

I am getting a lot of inquiries lately but sad to say, I ignored most of them. Much has been said about Malaysians and most of the remarks were that Malaysians are very polite, courteous and friendly. I have to disagree because many these inquiries that I received lately put me off badly.

I found that people no longer have the courtesy to introduce themselves. Again, I am not trying to be arrogant here but at least, a simple introduction would be appreciated.

How would you feel when someone emails you and say, “How much is the XXX, send photo and price”?

HelloooOOOOooooo….Do I know you?

Let us not forget that we are all POLITE, COURTEOUS and FRIENDLY people. We are brought up with good values. So let’s stop acting like uneducated people.

This is a community service message, in support of HAVING GOOD MANNERS!


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Barney, the luckiest bun under the Sun

Barney was scheduled to go to his new home Tomorrow (Sunday). I got a call from the potential owner telling me that I can deliver him anytime today. So off I went searching for this place that I wasn’t too familiar with.

I won’t mention names and will not go into details but upon reaching my destination after a little near death experience (I missed a junction and had to reverse against traffic), I met this nice man who showed me his rabbits. He has previously inquired about my Holland Lops for a few times but somehow it didn’t work out. Well, it didn’t work out this time either. I wasn’t too comfortable letting Barney go because of how “immaculately” clean the living condition is at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. I really think I am a cleanliness freak right now. I really don’t know how others judge cleanliness but I think I might be the one overdoing it. I felt bad rejecting this guy and not passing Barney to him. I don’t blame him for it but on the other hand, I was very disappointed with the “breeder” that sold him the rabbits for not showing him the right way of keeping otherwise beautiful rabbits. I gave a few pointers and urged the owner to improve the living conditions of the rabbits and I am glad he took my advice and is now in the midst of improving. I would like to continue guiding him through and hope this blog post do not deter him or make him hate me. I really hope to see 2 happier rabbits. I did walk out from that place with Barney but I am not walking out on that guy in terms of guidance. I am glad he has text me letting me know he has taken his rabbits for grooming and a little medical check up.

On my way back home, I can’t take my mind off the experience. It really did hit hard and I cannot stop wondering what more I can do to get knowledge across. Or is it because I have too much expectations and tend to put my expectations upon others? Whatever it is, I need to exercise my own discretionary powers for the best of my rabbits.

Anyhow, I tried distracting my mind and one person’s name came up right away. I now think that it is all fated and was meant to be. I got hold of her number and turned out she was still interested in Barney. We initially arranged for a meet up on Sunday but somehow the plans kept on changing.

A car with a family pulled up the house a little before 9pm and out came a wonderful family of 6. We spent sometime chatting nothing but bunnies. I even forgotten to offer them a drink (I am a very bad host today). Barney was getting very comfortable on mommy’s lap. After a long chat, I reconfirm if they like Barney and mommy said, “YES!”. It was a perfect fit. This wonderful family really made my day today. It was such a worthwhile wait and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It really makes my cause all worth it and I am really please to know that TRUE LOVE does exist.

I get to visit Barney sometimes too! And the best part is, he will be kept indoors and that is something that I am very proud of. All Tru-Luv Hollands are house rabbits!

This is by far the hardest post for me to write but the most fulfilling and written on a very happy note! The reason being, it has been a day filled with mixed feelings but in the end it was a very HAPPY BEGINNING.

Buns-UP for Barney! One of his memorable moments with me!

Barney, 2nd from the left!

I believe this story will put all the Nay Sayers to shame. “Tim have no respect for rabbit lovers”, “Tim neuters his rabbits as a business strategy for repeat sales”, “Tim is arrogant” and comments like that are vanishing fast and for good!

I am extremely happy not because I get to proof a point but I am truly happy for Barney. That is utmost important. And for the record, I love and respect my rabbits. In that, I have not only respect but MAD RESPECT for people who love them too!

Barney, it has been a very joyful 4 months having you. I am happy that you will bring a lot of joy to your new family. Love you loads! We will see you soon…

Thank and praise God for the Suns(hine)!


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Bunny Setup: The Perfect Example

Looking at how things are going, I think I must make it mandatory for those who are interested to get a rabbit from me to follow the following examples.

Many people keep their rabbits in appropriate places and some major excuses include residential house rules prohibit animals in common area. Rabbit can be very clean and without smell if kept properly making them good pets for condo/apartment living.

I am very proud to say that all Tru-Luv rabbits are owned by owners who keep them indoors. Here is the BEST example I can give:

Cage with plastic mats feels comfortable to the feet

A comfortable bunny is a happy bunny!

Attached playpen provided for bonding and run time!

A bunny can be potty trained!

A well loved bunny!


Bunny Father Model: Mr. Shahfiq

Bugsy as himself

Truffles as himself

Photos courtesy of


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The Molting Juniors

The worst thing a breeder can do is show off his molting rabbits but I thought what the heck, I spend quite a while snapping these photos. Might as well we all enjoy them, right?

Furthermore, it has been a while since we last saw the little cuties.

I am very amazed by how each rabbit has some traits that I like and dislike. That goes to show that there will never be a perfect Holland Lop or should I say it is very difficult to achieve perfection. But I learned that breeding two rabbits that compliments each other yield very good results. I only wish that there would be a perfect combination in my future breeding that produces “perfect” rabbits.

So here they are.

Little Barney looking all cute! I am gonna miss this little guy as he is going to his new home this weekend

Wilma will be awesome once she grow into those ears. She is the bomb!

And here's our little Thunder Jr., Baby Fred

Fred acting cute!


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