Oil Spills…

I wonder what most of my readers think about the oil spills that is happening right now. Look at all the pitiful animals affected and in fact unnecessary lost of lives.

As I write, I am truly sorry for the same that is happening to our (Malaysia) rabbit world right now. Mass breeding is like the act of draining earth off its natural resources. The lack of outlets to handle the “overproduction” is affecting all of us right now.

One very obvious sign is when Pet Shop starts to sell alleged “Purebreds”. The problem is the term Pet Quality. It is often overuse or should I say over rated. There are many levels to the quality of animals but those that end up in Pet Stores/Shops are no different from those that end up in Shelters, Animal Welfare and Rescuers.

Like oil spills, unwanted pets can spill SILENTLY as well and kills ever slowly. Many breeders are taking the easy way out and taking the fast solution of supplying their lesser stocks to pet shops/stores. Livestock has very high profit margin which is above 100% for the pet stores/shops. So imagine how much you can save going straight to the breeder. But please be prepared for some “shockers” during farm visits. Maybe it wouldn’t come across as “shockers” as I am pretty sure the cuteness can be very blinding. Whatever it is, good luck. I wouldn’t walk down that road if I were you…

Be an informed pet lover/buyer today! Demand for a pedigree with 4 generations of ancestry listing when you purchase a bunny. If we do not stand for something, we will never stand for anything! Yes, it may be a very small or petty issue but if we cannot do something as small as this the RIGHT way, what else can we look forward to?

Think logically, if the breeder is anywhere near a good one, his/her animals should not reach the pet shop. They should take the responsibility to ensure that their animals be placed in a good home and know the movements of their animals well!

Stop the SPILL today!



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2 responses to “Oil Spills…

  1. Susie

    “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” -Alexander Hamilton

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