Forever Grateful!

I promised myself to write a post when the number of hits to this website reaches 100,000. I missed it because for the past few days, the hits has been surging dramatically. To date, we have 102,272 hits!

I want to thank all my faithful readers both old and new for visiting my weblog religiously.

I was just thinking back to the days when I first started off. It was indeed a period of my life where I did some soul searching. I was taking a long break from the corporate world to reflect on my life. I just got married and life seemed to be quite uncertain without a job. It was by choice that I took the leap of faith to quit my well paying job to search out my vocation. I wouldn’t change a thing. It was at that time when I first fell in love with the Holland Lops.

My deep thoughts brought me back to the time when I first set out to import my foundation stocks. I do not want to mention names but someone once discouraged me from getting into Holland Lops because this person did not have enough trust in me or perhaps did not even have the intention to sell me any of her rabbits. Being a person that do not give up easily, I asked for the reason why she did not want to sell to me. She said that I will have too much going on in my life when my 1st baby arrives and it is not the right time to get rabbits as pets. Bullshit I must say – LOL!

I told myself, to hell with that bull crap and turned out, I have very nice Hollands that I enjoy very much now and she has since QUIT raising Hollands.

And the best part of it all, we just had our 2nd baby born and my love/passion for the Hollands has not diminished but instead, has grown tremendously. Comparing my little small herd to most breeders overseas, I do not even have more than 10% the numbers that they have but it is good enough for me. I am very contented right now and I look forward to the future. I cannot imagine not having at least one Holland Lop in my life.

I have many people to thank for inspiring me and helping me sustain in this hobby. 98% of them are breeders overseas and they have all been very encouraging and helpful. I am very glad that though most of them do not constantly keep in touch, we do form a huge support group when it comes to Holland Lops. Despite the distance, I am glad to be able to feel their enthusiasm which helps a lot in keeping me afloat in this hobby.

My only hope is that there will be a little bunny support group here in Malaysia.

Whatever it is, HOLLAND LOP rules!



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5 responses to “Forever Grateful!

  1. Cathy

    I really wish there was a bunny support group here too. When I got my first house rabbit (Looppy was a lop, to big to be a holland lop I think), I got most of the support from the HRS. I was very lucky to have gotten to know some very experienced bunny ladies who were more than happy to share their knowledge with me. It took me a long time to find a vet who would spay a rabbit. However I have yet to find a vet who is very knowledgeable when it comes to treating rabbits……do you know of one?

    Oh, and congrats on the birth of little Bree! 🙂

  2. Klieo

    A little bunny support group…I LIKE!

  3. Ju

    I am grateful you have this website which provide lots of useful information for inexperienced bunny lovers like me 🙂 Thanks for all the advise given. Really appreciate it.

    And congrats on the arrival of your new baby Bree 🙂

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