Bunny Setup: The Perfect Example

Looking at how things are going, I think I must make it mandatory for those who are interested to get a rabbit from me to follow the following examples.

Many people keep their rabbits in appropriate places and some major excuses include residential house rules prohibit animals in common area. Rabbit can be very clean and without smell if kept properly making them good pets for condo/apartment living.

I am very proud to say that all Tru-Luv rabbits are owned by owners who keep them indoors. Here is the BEST example I can give:

Cage with plastic mats feels comfortable to the feet

A comfortable bunny is a happy bunny!

Attached playpen provided for bonding and run time!

A bunny can be potty trained!

A well loved bunny!


Bunny Father Model: Mr. Shahfiq

Bugsy as himself

Truffles as himself

Photos courtesy of http://www.chestnutpictures.com



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2 responses to “Bunny Setup: The Perfect Example

  1. Very neat and clean, I like it! If every bunny owner can take this basic set up as example, all bunny will be super happy and healthy.

  2. Susie

    Truffles is a handsome guy!! Great little set up, love it… well cared for by excellent owners by the looks!

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