Inquiry 101

I am getting a lot of inquiries lately but sad to say, I ignored most of them. Much has been said about Malaysians and most of the remarks were that Malaysians are very polite, courteous and friendly. I have to disagree because many these inquiries that I received lately put me off badly.

I found that people no longer have the courtesy to introduce themselves. Again, I am not trying to be arrogant here but at least, a simple introduction would be appreciated.

How would you feel when someone emails you and say, “How much is the XXX, send photo and price”?

HelloooOOOOooooo….Do I know you?

Let us not forget that we are all POLITE, COURTEOUS and FRIENDLY people. We are brought up with good values. So let’s stop acting like uneducated people.

This is a community service message, in support of HAVING GOOD MANNERS!



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5 responses to “Inquiry 101

  1. crazymouseyyh

    Hey, not only you. I get the same thing with gliders. People just email or PM or even sms, “how much is a glider?”
    I tried being polite by explaining my price, then no replies later. So now when I see these kinda emails or messages, I ignore them totally coz waste my time.

    I respect and entertain people who email me with a long email about themselves and why they want a sugar glider. Really appreciate them. I wish more people were like them.

    But I’m put off by people who ask ” how much?” and “i want a joey ASAP, you have?”

    • trust me, I have all sorts. I don’t even know if it is a problem with the way I write my blog or perhaps my website layout is too cluttered. I don’t know what is the “Getting On The Waiting List” and “Sales Policy” page is there for anymore…

  2. mich

    I guess that is the hassle that comes with writing a blog? And a well written, entertaining and informative blog at that!

    Mind, I dunno how anyone could miss the purchasing items you mentioned. I guess that would mean they had not been following and were just looking for an gratification type thing without having thought about it? I talked people out of an angora goat the other day, they had no shearing plant, no shearer and thought they would never have to shear it and the fleece would just fall out! Helloooo? Perhaps when people ask such quick questions it reflects not having thought about the animal they are proposing to buy either? JMHO!

    • Thanks for the compliments Mich! Truly appreciate it. It is always good to give pointers so that they do understand what they might get themselves into. Glad you did that and at least now the person in question can do more research.

  3. mich

    Just a thought: how about putting numbers beside the last couple things under info center. It would make them stand out more. They kind of get lost after point 9.

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