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Fred & Sibylla’s Day Out!

It was such a wonderful day and I thought I’ll just bring Fred and Sibylla out on a little garden tour. I love taking outdoor photos with them and so I bundled them both up and off we go to the garden for some awesome photos.

Almost 5 months, Fred giving me a wink!

Still in the midst of a major molt!

I am loving the backdrop. LOL!

Sibylla gave me a shocker while I was snapping photos. There is a little flair in her that reminds me very much of her grandmother Carmel. Carmel has got this very cute attention seeking trait in her and she will normally strike a pose in front of the camera while giving a little shiver like an eager puppy. That was what Sibylla did for me as well! She was such an eager beaver in front of the camera. I did not even attempt to pose her but instead just clicked away! She seemed to love every moment of it.

8 months old Sibylla

Showing off her sexy back!

I absolutely love her. One of my best homegrown for sure!

Look at those wonderful flowers!

Click away!

Surely is Carmel's grand daughter!


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