My GrooOooom Mobile

While many pet lovers spent their day at the Pet Expo, I was occupied with tons of stuff and one of them was spending time refurbishing my old grooming table.

It has been a while since I have a decent stand for my grooming platform so I decided to make one with wheels. Now I can groom anywhere I like.

Someone on the forum mentioned that he was expecting to see me at the pet expo but I have to apologize for my absence. After so long having pets I realized that we do move on to different things. Gone are the days when I spend all day long at pet shops or pet expos. I have learned what are the essentials that I need for my pets that I don’t find it worth getting at the expo. Basically, I have gone to expos like this for far too many times and I end up going home empty handed. So it is pretty pointless for me.

Last year it was pretty interesting to have a little rabbit show and I thought this year there would be one with an ARBA judge as promised by the fancy judge last year. It was mentioned that Mr. R***y may grace the show this year but I guess it did not happen.

Anyway, here’s my new Groom Mobile and I am loving it! Time well spent…

Grooming platform on top and cage below to hold a bunny

I repainted the platform using a darker paint

A closer look at the grooming platform


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