The Feeling…

For the past 3 years, I have known breeders who have given up on their hobby and I still do keep in touch with them. Though we have not much in common to talk about anymore, I sometimes wonder how they feel or what would they think about their past hobby. I am sure they would be thinking along the lines of “I once had pretty nice and competitive rabbits”.

Life has been pretty hectic for me lately and it is hard to ignore the “I once had nice rabbits” thought and feeling. I don’t mean that I have since sold out my rabbits but putting myself in the possible future, maybe that could be my feeling or thought.

I really do wonder what goes through the head of those who have since left the hobby. Would they miss having Holland Lops? Would they think that it was silly spending so much time and resources on just rabbits? Or would they feel proud that they have been there and done that?

As for me, I can’t see myself there as yet but when I do, I will be proud to have done it without regrets! At least in my lifetime, I can be proud have beautiful rabbits. Heck, I still DO!

Looking at the beautiful rabbits and great breeders of the past really helps in reminding me that I should be happy to have them right now, at this very moment. It is the greatest PRESENT anyone could have!

Sizzling Hawt!


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