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Tru-Luv Balian, My Totally Huggable Awesome Posum!

OMG! I am totally lost for words…

Little Meg and her family has taken care of Balian so well. His fur SHINES! This is totally unbelievable. You got to feel him to believe it! Amazingly smooth and shiny fur, that cute puffy cheeks and overall well balanced body.┬áHe is back in Meadow Haven for a “holiday” as how Little Meg’s mummy puts it. Don’t we all wish to have holidays like these?

Balian reaffirms my theory and belief that vast improvements can be attained with just 1 generation. He is a total out cross from 2 totally unrelated lines one of which is less superior than the other. I know it is very difficult to get consistency especially in breeding Holland Lops (if they even breed at all) but by making the right decision to put 2 rabbits that compliments each other, it will help cut down experimental breedings which more often than not goes to waste and contributes to over population of pets. I hope this does not sound arrogant but I must say that for me, this is a proof of concept for me and I will stick with my beliefs in my breeding program.

For now, there will be lotsa bumpin’ and grindin’ happening here for sure…

I must really say that Balian is the best of Tru-Luv Rabbitry thus far! I am so proud of this boy (Miller’s Clark’s son)!

Just check out this photo that I just took…

I just love him!

He is just coming off a molt. Once he's done, he'll be super awesome!

Balian putting on a smug smile...

Thank you Little Meg and family for allowing me to bring Balian back for a little vacation!



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