Ouch, my crap hole hurts!

As a continuation of my posts entitled, Chopped Hay Is Junk! & Karate Chopped Hay Anyone?, I read that there has been an issue of wasted “unchopped” hay. What I learn from raising pets so far whether it is rabbits or otherwise, is that, creativity is much needed most of the time and problem solving skills come in handy. Two posts has been written and we are still revisiting such a simple topic. Perhaps my writing skills has been proven ineffective. This time around I will try to put the point across in a much (hopefully) effective way. I am also keeping in mind that there are those who are still skeptical and do not believe what I write, for those who appreciate, I am sure you all will love it.

If I remember correctly, one of the most effective ways to remember things is to relate it in some funny ways. Not forgetting the objective of this post that is HOW TO USE HAY EFFICIENTLY, here goes…

(Knock on door)

Me: Yes, can I help you?

Wife: You have been in there for more than an hour, what the hell are you doing?

Me: I need TP (Toilet Paper) for my bunghole!

Wife: You have an entire new roll of it in there!

Me: Give me a minute…

After 2 hours, I have in my hand…

In case you didn't know, this is a toilet roll or toilet paper or TP

After more pushing and pulling, I have this….

With a sore crap hole, I still have so much to finish!

After summoning all my energy and strength, I raised a rather heavy pair of scissor while making sure that I do not pop the piles, with the other hand holding the heavy camera…

It took a lot of effort to come to this point...

To my surprise, I got cute little mini toilet rolls that looks like….

PrecioussSSssSss......The One Ring! I can see elven words inscribed with doodie!


You just need to figure out how the hay got in there...

I gave that to one of my bunnies……

And after a day……

You get CHOPPED HAY!!!!

So the question remains, the hay comes first or chopped hay comes first? Or rather, the toilet paper comes first or the crap comes first?

Good Luck!


1. TinyCritterz Timothy Hay (as themselves EXTREMELY FRESH)

2. The One Toilet Roll Ring (as itself)

3. Mr. Scissors (as itself)

4. Hand (as itself)



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3 responses to “Ouch, my crap hole hurts!

  1. Donna

    Timothy, you are so funny! Right from the title you had me hooked. I had to know what you were going to do with a title like that! Lol

  2. Gosh, people have got to know about this! I hope u’ll add a share it in Facebook/ Twitter button 🙂

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