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We’re Losing Clark

Update: R.I.P. at 11.18pm

My heart is breaking as I sit here holding Clark with one arm and typing with another. He has stopped eating and drinking the past 2 days. I have been doing the best I can to get him to come back around.

Things will never be the same without you around...

I don’t think anything is working anymore. I just wish that he suffer no more…

You will be forever missed. Clark, you will always be our “superman”. Have a safe crossing over and please come give me a nudge at rainbow bridge…

Baby Clark


You left while I murmured softly that I release you from all your duties. I know you are at a better place right now. If only if you could hear my broken heart right now, there are only sounds of shattered glasses. The moment I knew that Kay was sending you to me, I made a little promise that you will be well loved. I do not know if I have failed to keep that promise but I do know that you will always be my favorite herd buck.

Even in death you were the calmest Holland Lop I’ve ever come across. I know the bite on Beth’s tummy wasn’t intentional and she still loves you very much. Words can never describe how painful it is to know that you have gone.

All I wish is for you to remember me when you see me crossing the bridge. And I hope you have found the rest of the Tru-Luv rabbits and those of our friends that has gone where you are right now. Do look out for Hans too and let him know we all do miss him. Tell Seychel I love her and will always do. Tell Latara & Unix that I am still thinking about both of them. Say hello to MasterChief and Breelynn for me too.

As you can see, it is so hard for me to let go and I am missing you already. If you happen to see the Creator, please tell him to watch over all of us and keep us strong and healthy.

I miss you Clark, I really do…

Luv always,

Everyone at Tru-Luv

I just can't believe you're gone



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B&W Day 2

Doing well...


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Exciting 3rd Generation

I am very excited to see how these kits grow up. They are 3rd generation of total out crosses. Both parents are from totally different lineages and they trace back to 4 different lines (rabbitries).

Tru-Luv Wilma at her best

Tru-Luv Balian with his ultimate grumpy look

I am expecting BONES, BONES, BONES!


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Adopt Away

Dear readers,

The good peeps at Pet Epicure is currently running an adoption drive. They charge minimal fee for taking great care of all the animals they put up for adoption.

I highly recommend that you drop them a visit and adopt a healthy, happy furball today!

For more information please visit their website


The bunny man crossing over to cat mansion

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Happiness is…

Just as I was writing about Wilma yesterday, we got a little surprise from her today…

Stay tuned...


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Tru-Luv Wilma – Retrospective

I finally have the free time to blog and today, I would like to stroll down memory lane to take a retrospective view of how one of my favorite home grown developed through time.

Wilma was in fact the ugly duckling of her litter and I took a risk in keeping her with me.

Day 24 - She was the smallest of the litter and I can recognize her immediately...

Day 31 - No where near her siblings, can easily be passed off as a runt!

Day 31 - Boneless

Day 35 - Kind of out of place here

Day 45 - Oh no, really looking weird now...

Day 70 - Unacceptable...

Day 84 - Oh no....

Day 92 - BIG NO!

Day 105 - Some good traits started appearing...

Day 126 - Who's this again?

Day 146 - Not bad...

Day 190 - Definitely keeping this one...

Day 236 - WOW!

As you can see, it is really awesome how genetic works! I am really proud with what my herd is producing right now. It will only get better through time. Not to mention all the valuable lesson learned as well.


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Sharing Is Caring

Dear Readers,

I have included new sharing feature to all my blog posts. As you can see below here, there are some icons and buttons. You can share whichever post you like on Facebook, Twitter or even Email to someone you think will enjoy reading.


The Bunnyman

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Building A Support Group

So life has been hectic for the past 3 months. With a new kid on the block and many changes does take a toll on blogging. I hold this blog very close to my heart because this is where I pour out every single thing I want to share about my life as a rabbit person. A rabbit person, why not a breeder? At this moment, I am being very careful with every single word that I use. I am extra sensitive to words for a particular reason that I will not share. Rabbit is indeed a very personal thing that I treasure because it goes beyond a hobby, it is a passion for me. Rabbit person somehow sounds milder for me. I like it that way I must say.

Never in my wildest dream 4 years ago that I would get a phone call at any time of the day seeking for advice about rabbits. I must admit that I still have much to learn in this hobby but nonetheless, I am glad that I am able to help in any way possible. I believe that will help in the growth in the numbers of rabbit fanciers locally. I really am grateful for those who have trusted in my experience and willing to approach me for my opinions. My apologies if I fall short in knowledge and availability.

I believe that we are all called to service in our own ways big or small and most of the time, it does not yield any fruit. Since this is just a hobby it does not matter to me that much if I gain anything out of it. Learning is always a 2 way process and either way, I get to learn tons of valuable knowledge.

Through my correspondences with other breeders, there has been a question raised. Whether or not breeders should entertain questions from someone who has acquired rabbits from another breeder other than themselves? This question has been raised not only by rabbit breeders but breeders of all kinds.

The shallow minded would definitely feel frustrated and question why must they clean up the mess left behind by incompetent breeders who should be responsible for passing along “perfect” rabbits. The world as we know is far from being perfect and nothing under the sun comes perfect. Though that should not be taken as an excuse, we must also understand that and in their imperfection, there are room to gain much knowledge.

In a competitive world, this seemed to be the way to be ahead but just imagine if you are only able to get answers from the breeder that you bought your pet from. I don’t think the hobby would last and let alone grow. Through the years, I have made so many friends in the hobby who are willing to share regardless. They have never once turn their backs on me. I am truly blessed in that sense.

It is very easy to turn someone with a sick bunny away by just saying “why don’t you go back to the breeder who sold you that sick bunny?”. On the contrary, we should feel good if the advices and opinions we give are able to save the life of the sick bunny. I had once stayed up till 2 a.m. in the morning to help a fellow rabbit person in distress by sharing all that I know and it felt really good to know that the rabbit made it in the end.

In the technology age today, information can travel in matters of seconds. The support group has grown beyond just rabbits. I have so many people to thank today and most I know through this hobby. They not only supported me through times of need with my bunny issues but also on life matters.

My answer to the question above is YES, we must help regardless. So rest assured that I will reply to the best of my abilities any question raised through emails or phone. And manners count a lot too whether or not inquiries get a reply.

And not to disappoint my readers who patiently check back hoping to see photos of bunnies, I shall share a few photos. After a quest of almost 4 years and still going strong, my personal favorite homegrown for 2010 are as follows:

Tru-Luv Balian

Tru-Luv Wilma

Tru-Luv Sibylla


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Was spending time in the rabbitry this evening and I noticed this little doe staring at me while striking a pose. I had to setup a makeshift backdrop and snap away.

I am absolutely lovin' her!

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