We’re Losing Clark

Update: R.I.P. at 11.18pm

My heart is breaking as I sit here holding Clark with one arm and typing with another. He has stopped eating and drinking the past 2 days. I have been doing the best I can to get him to come back around.

Things will never be the same without you around...

I don’t think anything is working anymore. I just wish that he suffer no more…

You will be forever missed. Clark, you will always be our “superman”. Have a safe crossing over and please come give me a nudge at rainbow bridge…

Baby Clark


You left while I murmured softly that I release you from all your duties. I know you are at a better place right now. If only if you could hear my broken heart right now, there are only sounds of shattered glasses. The moment I knew that Kay was sending you to me, I made a little promise that you will be well loved. I do not know if I have failed to keep that promise but I do know that you will always be my favorite herd buck.

Even in death you were the calmest Holland Lop I’ve ever come across. I know the bite on Beth’s tummy wasn’t intentional and she still loves you very much. Words can never describe how painful it is to know that you have gone.

All I wish is for you to remember me when you see me crossing the bridge. And I hope you have found the rest of the Tru-Luv rabbits and those of our friends that has gone where you are right now. Do look out for Hans too and let him know we all do miss him. Tell Seychel I love her and will always do. Tell Latara & Unix that I am still thinking about both of them. Say hello to MasterChief and Breelynn for me too.

As you can see, it is so hard for me to let go and I am missing you already. If you happen to see the Creator, please tell him to watch over all of us and keep us strong and healthy.

I miss you Clark, I really do…

Luv always,

Everyone at Tru-Luv

I just can't believe you're gone



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8 responses to “We’re Losing Clark

  1. Our condolences to you on the passing of Miller’s Clark..you will be forever love…binky free little one…indeed..its a very very sad news 😦

  2. I’m sorry about ur loss *hugs*

  3. What a wonderful tribute! 🙂

  4. Kak Azian

    Binky free dear… even far but still near inside. And TLR a Big warm hug from us. We love you very much.

  5. eli

    I’m so so sorry…..

  6. J&J

    We’re gonna miss u, Clark. Take care, Tim….

  7. bunnychoy

    Baby Clark, binky free… We love u… Love for Tru-Luv family as well…

  8. Was surfing today…Came across this web page. This has to be the Saddest Eulogy I have ever read! It is obvious he was adored and loved! I am so sorry for your loss!

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