Moving Forward

Just wanted to write a note to thank all friends near and far for all the encouraging words poured in throughout the night. Life goes on and and we do find meaning in all happenings both good or bad. For the past 3 years, there has been a lot of ups and downs for Tru-Luv rabbitry. But with the amount of downs going on, any sane person would have quit this hobby a long time ago. Thinking about it, I believe I am pretty insane.

On a positive note, I believe that feeling emotional during the death of a pet only goes to show that there were indeed a friendship and attachment involved. It is a full circle of emotions as there will not be joy without sorrow. Every beginning has an end and every end will be followed by a new beginning.

Clark’s death is not the end of him, his legacy will continue to be alive through his kits and grandkits. Both Balian and Sibylla will keep him alive. As the kits grow in the nest box, perhaps there will be a few little Clarks in there. If they do not appear now, they may manifest in a couple more generations to come.

The Holland Lop circle of friends that I have are really awesome and supportive. We all believe that rabbits can come and go in our lives but friends remain forever! I have made a couple of true friends who will always be there for me through sharing my rabbits.

And when the time comes for the circle of life to be completed, my friends and I come full circle once again. This will continue on and on and on and on and on, forever and ever…

Moving forward and till death do us part…



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3 responses to “Moving Forward

  1. Mei Leng

    RIP Clark bun ..

  2. furrybutts

    We are all so saddened by Clark’s passing.. Our pets may share only a fraction of time with us, but they will be in our hearts for eternity. Sleep tight, Clark.. bunny heaven is a better place with you there.

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