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Wriggly Wrinkly


Wilma is probably freaking out big time now like she usually does whenever I take her babies away. I caught her feeding the babies this evening. That is normally a sign telling me that she is comfortable nursing with me around. Being able to see a doe nursing her young is pretty uncommon in the wild. If she has taken me as a predator, she would not nurse in my presence. So far, I have been really fortunate to have witness all the does in my herd nursing their babies.

I see big heads!

3 on 1

All paws up!

What a mess!



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Profound Feeling

I might have written something similar to this posting but I guess that is one of the advantages of a weblog – you can repeat yourself a thousand times and it still seemed to be something new. I find it hard myself to trace back what I have written in the past. A question came to mind this evening as I caught a glimpse of Clark’s picture on top of the bookshelf. What is so interesting about this hobby? I mean keeping pets as a hobby in general.

While growing up as a kid, my favorite hang out places are pet stores. Back then, I must say that pet store owners are very compassionate people. They have a lot of love for the animals that they sell. There is always a personal touch as the owners take their time to talk and educate their customers. There was this pet store near where I live where I spend most of my weekends and holidays. The owners are an elderly couple that I have kept in touch with until today.

The uncle once told me that having a pet is very interesting because most of them never outlive their owners. He further elaborates that because the lifespan of pets are shorter and the owners are able to witness the entire life cycle – from birth till death. Most of the time, we give a part of our heart for our beloved pets. Their death always causes a void in our hearts.

I am not sure if fellow pet owners agree with me but this hobby is pretty addictive. If you ever start keeping pets, you will most probably never ever life without one. This is probably some irrelevant ramblings.

Conclusion is, I really miss Clark very much. I like every part of the story except for the death part. You just can’t give them enough love that when they leave, you will feel fulfilled and the death is still unacceptable. I feel that I have not done enough.

Thinking of you everyday my boy


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