Wriggly Wrinkly


Wilma is probably freaking out big time now like she usually does whenever I take her babies away. I caught her feeding the babies this evening. That is normally a sign telling me that she is comfortable nursing with me around. Being able to see a doe nursing her young is pretty uncommon in the wild. If she has taken me as a predator, she would not nurse in my presence. So far, I have been really fortunate to have witness all the does in my herd nursing their babies.

I see big heads!

3 on 1

All paws up!

What a mess!



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5 responses to “Wriggly Wrinkly

  1. J&J

    Look @ the little paws on the 1st pic! Awww…..

  2. They are so cute! I wish them and their mommy good health! And may they all grow up to be beautiful ^^

  3. yueyi

    i like that they have a speck of white on their backs….weeeeeeeee new kitt pics to seeeeeee

  4. Oiiii!! Geramnya aku tengok bibbittttttttt!!!

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