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Almost 3 Years And A Little Hope

I remember very clearly that it was 17th April 2008 when I came home to find 4 dead broken chocolate kits in Noobie’s nest box. There was this huge solid chocolate and a little solid lilac kit wiggling in the nest box as well. Little did I know that the solid chocolate wasn’t getting enough heat and it slowly withered away. Since then I have always yearned for chocolate kits.

The precious little lilac kit that survived was given the name Holly Hope. Yesterday, this little girl I called Hope kindled 2 beautiful kits. They both looks like solid chocolates but today they look lilac to me. I need to take a good look under natural sunlight to ascertain their real color.

Without further ado, introducing Toble & Rone…


Aren't they the cutest things?



Holly Hope is doing a great job with the 2 of the. She is very protective too...




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