Fred @ 9 months


Though Fred is really growing up looking like his dad Thunder, I would like to see improvements in certain areas. I have certain preferences and styles that I like to see in my Hollands while adhering to the SOP. Looking at the front shots of him is pretty hard to see what are the improvements needed except for the width of his shoulders and chest being narrow as indicated by how close the front legs are between each other. I would also prefer to see less of the back feet from the front thus, broader chest.

Areas of improvement

Most of us in the corporate world are very familiar with the acronym, KPI – Key Performance Indicator. Although I do not impose such corporate governance unto my rabbits, there are a few things that I hope to improve in future. To improve, I first need to know what I like to see less and things I would like to see more in my rabbits. Looking at the photo above, it would be better that his crown starts from the solid line on top of his head. Right now it is what we call a slipped crown. That is the reason why looking at his front shots, it is hard to see his crown in full bloom. I would like to see more of rounded and thick ears as they are folded here.

His front legs are a little tad longer than desired and the diagonal dotted line indicates where his legs should have stopped growing (LOL!). Due to the reason that his hindquarters are pinched and undercut,  his hind legs seemed to have been pushed way forward. The tip of the his hind feet should be just below his hip as indicated by the line.

I like Fred’s head the most because it is really broad and he has the nicest apple cheeks. So basically, I have just a few more puzzles to put together to get the perfect picture.

Love the head!

Cute little guy!



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3 responses to “Fred @ 9 months

  1. tracey sun

    Fred is so cute Tim. He looks fatter than Barney and so much like Thunder.

  2. Klieo Lee

    \(*♥ u ♥*)/

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