Get us to ARBA Convention! (Please REVOTE)

Closing date and time 26th October 2010 at 1900.


22nd October 2010 12:20 pm – We are #16

22nd October 2010 8:10 am – We are #18

22nd October 2010 12:45 am – We are #24

Please help spread the word, get us to #1 and keep us at #1. Tell all your friends who are on facebook. It is not a virus.

I misread the terms and conditions, I have resubmitted entry. Please vote again as we have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks!

Please do me a favor. Please vote for me in this contest so that I will be able to compete at ARBA Convention and make Malaysia proud.

3 simple steps:

1) Add the App on Facebook

2) click LIKE in the small box




Get Tru-Luv Rabbitry to ARBA Convention!


Click on image or here.

Thank you in advanced!



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2 responses to “Get us to ARBA Convention! (Please REVOTE)

  1. Klieo Lee

    done! hope ur dream will come true!

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