Insanely Cute!

These are all the kits that Balian sired. They are so different in many ways. The torts are total out cross while the lilac/blue are produced through line breeding.

Kit #1: Loppin' too soon

Kit #2: Can receive frequency...

Kit #3: Remind me of Barney, very well balanced overall

Kit #4: Just in betweens

Magique: Extremely Bulldoggish right now. Hope it stays that way. Solid like a tanker!

Mystique, another Balian in the making. Rock solid just like its sibling...

Got too tired posing, gave me this look as sign of protest!



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2 responses to “Insanely Cute!

  1. hahahaha.. love the last shot!

  2. yueyi

    OMG adorable little ones…i love the M&M colour…do keep them…been quite a while since i visited your blog but the pictures surely made my day….

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