Family Portrait Day

I miss Clark terribly today while spending time in the rabbitry. I really wonder when I will be able to get another just like him. I miss his crown mostly. He has the best crown definition in my opinion. To distract myself from the sadness, I decided to take some photographs.

Have a nice Sunday everybun!

This Fred boy can pose nicely if he wants to. He doesn't do it often but when he did, it was a sight to behold!

Got kinda bored with single bunny photos. I paired them up. From left to right: Kit #2 & Kit #1

From left to right: Kit #3 and #4

The Tort Family

The cute family...

Seem like I am not the only person having photo shoot with my furkids, the Chestnuts had a session with theirs too. Check these out:

Mishu: "What's up?"


Truffles: "Huh?"

Lovey Dovey...

Thanks for the photos lovebirds!



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2 responses to “Family Portrait Day

  1. I love the family portraits!

  2. Ju

    Very lovely 🙂

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