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Rainy Night, Green Tea, Christmas Carols & Cute Bunnies

I wish tomorrow’s a holiday as it just poured like there’s no tomorrow this evening. I love the cool weather as it helps me save electricity bills – LOL! With the rain replacing the snow, it is difficult not to feel the Christmas season slowly creeping into our lives. The rabbits in my life makes this season even sweeter.

So here I was having a little “down” time thinking of what to do after a wonderful dinner. Capturing stills of my rabbits is definitely a great escape for me and it really puts my mind at ease. I picked up my gear, got the table ready and I started clicking away.

The results were wonderful I must say. I finally got some decent photos of McNite Noir. For the longest time, I was trying to get photos of him with visible eyes and features. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he is not a Fuzzy.

Tru-Luv McNite Noir. Finally we can see his eyes!

Tru-Luv McNite Noir - Front shot

Tru-Luv Symphony is such a doll. I just can’t stop clicking my camera. She is pretty typey right now and I really do hope she stays that way. Really love those short rounded ears.

Tru-Luv Symphony. This is make anyone melt!

Such a cute face.

Another cute little bulldog in the making...

Her cuteness is deafening!



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We’re On a Mission

There’s a lot to be done for the near future. I made a promise to the Fluffies’ mama to reproduce Shiropudin (Tru-Luv Milkyway). Let’s see if I can make a cuter and better typed Shiro minus the Charlie marking. I have pledged to myself to never cross 2 broken pattern rabbits. Besides, my prayers for more solid Hollands has been answered. Now, the solid outnumbered broken patterned Hollands.


The line ups for my Shiropudin project would be:

Baby Symphony

Fred boy

Baby Magique

Baby Mystique


Let’s see what happens in the next few months…

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Binky Free Baby Shiro Milkyway

Just got news that this little sweet boy passed over to rainbow bridge. It is a sad day. Binky Free Baby Shiro. Please give Clark a hug for me…

Fresh spring water waits for you at rainbow bridge...

We will miss you...


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The Reason Behind The Tattoo


That is the only word to describe the reason why rabbit breeders tattoo their rabbits. There are 2 ways used for identification in rabbits. Firstly is the tattoo on the left ear and secondly, an identification ring on one of the legs. The identification rings are mainly used in the European countries and British Rabbit Council (BRC) breeders. I personally feel that the rings are less permanent as they can be removed easily.

As for tatoo, ARBA breeders usually tattoo their rabbits on the LEFT ear. The Registrar normally tattoo the right ear. Therefore, if you see a rabbit with both ears tattooed, then you are holding a rabbit that has been registered with ARBA. What is the difference between a rabbit registered with ARBA? Only rabbits registered with ARBA can obtain a GC Certificate and thus, you can only grand a rabbit if it is registered.

If a rabbit is not registered with ARBA, it still can be shown and obtain GC legs. As a senior, if a rabbit obtain 3 GC legs under different judges, then the rabbit can be granded if it has been registered.

I am going off topic for a little while more. In ARBA world, there are 2 roles which are very important.

The Registrar – the person that helps breeders and rabbit owners to get their rabbits registered.

The Judge – the person that is responsible for evaluating your rabbit and award a GC leg whenever deemed fit.

So why do we tattoo? Yes, for identifications. You may have many rabbits both you currently own and those that you have sold. A simple pedigree is not sufficient to link it to a rabbit. Therefore, when you have a 3 generation pedigree, it must also state the tattoo number which is the same as the number on the left ear of the rabbit.

That’s how the tattoo is useful at the breeder’s end. To identify each rabbit if there are more than 1 that may look similar. With the tattoo number, the breeder can go through the records and pull up its pedigree to trace back on the lineage.

As for the Rabbit Shows, the tattoo is very important. The Tattoo acts like our Identification Card (IC). There will be hundreds of rabbits and how do we identify our own rabbits in a place filled with – rabbits? Besides that, during a rabbit show, the judge must not know who the owner of the rabbit he/she is judging to avoid partiality and biasness. Since you cannot possibly tattoo the breeder’s name on the rabbit, most uses the conventional way of number combinations.

There are 2 types of tattoo tools that can be used:
1) Tattoo Clamp with digits
This is like the tool used in ear piercing except it has got individual digits with many small needles that make up a number. Depending on the number of digits required, the tattoo digits are fitted into the clamp and pressed on the rabbit’s ear.

2) Tattoo Pen
This is becoming a widely used tool as it is easier to write and some say is less painful for the rabbits. I personally think that the pain last longer as the numbers are being “etched” into the skin. I hope to try this one out in the near future but for now, I prefer the clamp method.

So as a conclusion, tattoo is a neccessity if you want a good identification method. It is not a luxury item as you can see. I do not charge more because I tatoo my rabbits. I don’t think it is something to be charged extra for. It is not glamorous to have tattoo. A tattoo does not make a non pedigree rabbit a pedigreed rabbit. Everything in the rabbit world right now runs in such a way that it is self regulatory. There is no one body that governs the identification of rabbits vis-a-vis to the likes of the dog world where a club issues microchip and pedigrees.

I personally tattoo my rabbit solely for the reason of identification and it goes hand in hand with the pedigrees I issue to my adopters/buyers.

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DiGi Buddyz Week 5 Has Started

Please Vote here.


Get Tru-Luv Rabbitry to ARBA Convention!

Vote for us everyone! Thank you!

Now, moving along to some “POISONING” photos:

Tru-Luv McNite Noir: I am not a fan of black Hollands but this kit changed my mind totally. I love him!!! The head!!!

Tru-Luv Symphony: I hope she stays this way. Oohhh LaaAaa LaaAAaaa

Lovin' this one!

The cutest thing born in Meadow Haven so far...



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I Feel Like An Idiot Because…

I have been thinking about stuff lately and especially the direction of this hobby of mine. I have always look within my boundaries to find ways to improve everything and anything in the rabbitry. While I am busy doing that and sharing my thoughts through my blog, I failed to notice that many out there has been “spiked” with this rabbit fever.

Here are some of the feelings I “ought” (I must emphasize on this word) to have:

1. I feel like an idiot because there are many out there who are silently reading and silently overtaking me

2. I feel like an idiot because soon many nice rabbits will hit the market due to the influx of importation

3. I feel like an idiot because people around me are fake and is not honest with me

4. I feel like an idiot because I do not sell mix breeds to finance my hobby

5. I feel like an idiot because I was naive to think that I am the only person in Malaysia that could afford importing rabbits

But in fact, I am really happy! I realized that my blogging effort for the past 3 years has an impact. You people have actually read and taken steps to start doing something on your own! Kudos to all of you.

For your information, the above 5 reasons of unhappiness can really kill the hobby. Many breeders has been a victim of these self destructive thoughts that has led to bullying, rivalries and ultimately burnt out in the hobby. At the end of the day, we should all fall back to one word – HOBBY. A hobby is passion without $ in the equation. If money is the focus of what we do, it will eventually come to an end when the money stop flowing in. And many things could happen in between when we try to chase after the $.

Those are just 5 things that could “possibly” make me unhappy, but to be honest here are more reasons why I am happy :

1. I will soon have local bunny friends to have bunny chats (if I do not already have). Being the only one is very lonely

2. People realize what quality is and how many have been cheated by the fakes

3. The quality of rabbits in Malaysia is improving

4. The number of home breeders are increasing and therefore, better informed breeders are on the rise

5. I will soon have people to trade rabbits with

6. The diversity of Holland Lop gene pool

7. More breeders will join ARBA/HLRSC and we can soon form a club to organize ARBA sanctioned shows (real rabbit shows)

8. The realization of Fellowship, Friendship and Fun in Malaysia

9. Sharing of useful information and building a local support group for the breed

10. More are joining the worldwide effort in improving the breed – Holland Lop

So you see, for every negative perception, there are always double or triple the positivity.

I now urge all breeders who have imported and have since joined ARBA, please be in touch with me by emailing me at We shall work towards getting a chartered club and bring this hobby to greater heights.

As for me, I would like to take it to another level. I would like to see my own home grown hitting the tables (if there would be a show in near future). That would be a wholesome experience in my opinion.

Let the fun begin!

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I can see clearly now…

First and foremost, this is week 4 for the DiGi Buddyz contest, we have came a long way especially now that everyone has reach home from Convention, last night we were at #28 and tonight thanks to all your votes, we’re at #19 right now. Dear friends near and far please vote for us! Click here, allow, like (in the little box), VOTE and tell all your friends !!!!


Get Tru-Luv Rabbitry to ARBA Convention 2011!


On the other hand, it is so hard to capture photos of black rabbits and today, I set out to the objective to get a good photo of Tru-Luv McNite Noir and his sibling Tru-Luv Symphony. Let’s see how I managed.


Two of the cutest thing ever!



Finally a decent shot of McNite Noir. Can you see his eye now?



Cute eh?



This is the cutest thing ever born here.



A surprise since the beginning, I hope she'll grow up well...



Just feel like squeezing....


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Proud Of My Dad!

Every year at the ARBA Convention, HLRSC will give out an award to someone who has been in the hobby for a number of years and meet certain criteria through nominations. It is the Hall A Fame award. This year the 2010 HLRSC Hall A Fame award goes to Mr. Barry Hustins. And the award is in the form of a painting by my dad!


Congratulations Mr. Barry Hustins! Photo courtesy of Randy Blackburn



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Change is the only constant in life (I think I got that right). How much the kits have changed within a short period of time. Here’s a little photo update.


Tru-Luv Truli



Tru-Luv Trulo



Tru-Luv Trudi



Tru-Luv Trudle



Tru-Luv Symphony & Noir



Symphony has shorty ears. Hope they stay that way...


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ARBA 2010 Open Best In Show goes to…

LATEST NEWS from Minneapolis, Minnesota!!!

If you remember, around this time last year, I posted something similar. Holland Lop of crowned Best In Show for the Youth category in 2009.

This year 2010, the Holland Lop won Best In Show in the Open Category . I share the joy with the breeders of a magnificent Broken Tort Doe named L&R McMolly. She is bred and owned by a wonderful couple that goes by the name of Linda & Ron Jinings. Congratulations once again to Linda & Ron! Over 14,000 rabbits shown, it is quite an amazing feat for a little bunny to pull off to be at the top.


The Perfect Holland Lop. Photo courtesy of Colleen


I believe that all Holland Lop breeders should be very proud because dubbed as the hardest breed to work with, we have all collectively come this far. A Best In Show!

I would also like to congratulate all winners and those who placed well. It is not easy given the fact that Holland Lops are the 2nd largest breed shown at the ARBA convention.

Always remember….Fellowship, Friendship, Fun!

GooOOoooooOOoo Hollands!

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