Truli, Trulo, Trudi, Trudle, Magique & Mystique

Tru-Luv Truli

Tru-Luv Trulo

Tru-Luv Trudi*

Tru-Luv Trudle*

Tru-Luv Magique

Tru-Luv Mystique*



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2 responses to “Truli, Trulo, Trudi, Trudle, Magique & Mystique

  1. yueyi

    OMG OMG i’m drooling!!!
    trulo and magique shots are super super cute…

    *anyone going on kidnap mission with me?*

  2. Reanne

    You know….. When it’s a stressful and tiring day coming to this blog helps blow of some stress. However if it’s just dropping by to visit, I feel so geram cuz I can’t squeeze those furbuns! All of them are ridiculously adorable but Holly’s babies are winning me over!

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