A couple of months back I wrote about the usage of toilet roll, particularly to hold loose hay together. Here was one of the photos that I have used.

I have found this phenomenon that I am about to share with you pretty strange and it is definitely not an isolated case. It has happened a couple of times already. Just take a look.

This just cracks me up big time!

On a serious note, it is indeed a health hazard to the little bunnies. It is amazing how this one get into the toilet roll. As for Sibylla’s chocolate kit, it is grow up really pretty. I like the markings on her.

Love the chocolaty taste!



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4 responses to “R.O.F.L.

  1. Brandon

    Hi Tim, Your Barn is full…. Very excited to see what you have produced there 🙂 From this photo, it looks like Tru-Luv Symphony is a broken Tort? Anyway, nice colour indeed.

  2. Brandon

    Don’t get me wrong ok. It just look like a broken tort from the photo. But I trust your judgment. What a nice colour. So now you plan to build your chocolate line huh? Anyway Congratulation!

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