Mental Block

I can’t remember when was the last that I have written something good and perhaps pictures speak thousand words. I believe the less I write, the happier some of the visitors of this blog would be – LOL! I have finally decided to go about enjoying my hobby and be more self centered because in the past, I have tried sharing crucial information to help my readers along and most often than not, it back fires.

Some of course are fast learners and they are now doing very well on their own. I am very happy for them. As it stands right now, I must say that Malaysia has some awesome rabbits. I do not mean mine as there is still a lot of work to be done here as far as I know. We have new bloodlines in our shore and some are not to be reckon with. I am really glad and excited at the same time.

All four of Wilma’s kits turned out to be boys. I plan on only keeping 1 or 2 out of those so for those who are interested in getting a buck as pet, do email me at I cannot promise anything for now but I will place you on the waiting list and get in touch with you. I really need to strike a balance in the numbers that I keep. I definitely need more does right now. I am suppose to tattoo the boys today but somehow I am procrastinating. Also, they seemed too small for me to tattoo them right now. Hopefully next week, I’ll get down to doing it.

Holly Hope’s litter turned out to be a boy and a girl. The girl is growing up looking exactly like her at this age.  They are really cute but I just hope that they look more of Balian than Holly Hope herself.



Magique - has a cute folded right ear

Cute little guy...

As for Sibylla’s litter, I really like how cute they are right now. I hope both of them are does as they look like keepers right now. It will be very nice to have a typey broken choc here.

Tru-Luv Noir

I must say, the coat is so black that it shines!

Tru-Luv Symphony

Another cute little one...

Sleepy head...

BTW, I was told that my blog is extremely “poisonous” and most will buy any lop ear rabbit on impulse. Please do try refraining yourself as Tru-Luv Rabbitry do not support impulse buying. That is all that I wanted to write for today. Nothing interesting to share right now – LOL!




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2 responses to “Mental Block

  1. Your pictures are so cute and make the rabbits look so adorable. That little brkn chocolate baby is too precious!

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