ARBA 2010 Open Best In Show goes to…

LATEST NEWS from Minneapolis, Minnesota!!!

If you remember, around this time last year, I posted something similar. Holland Lop of crowned Best In Show for the Youth category in 2009.

This year 2010, the Holland Lop won Best In Show in the Open Category . I share the joy with the breeders of a magnificent Broken Tort Doe named L&R McMolly. She is bred and owned by a wonderful couple that goes by the name of Linda & Ron Jinings. Congratulations once again to Linda & Ron! Over 14,000 rabbits shown, it is quite an amazing feat for a little bunny to pull off to be at the top.


The Perfect Holland Lop. Photo courtesy of Colleen


I believe that all Holland Lop breeders should be very proud because dubbed as the hardest breed to work with, we have all collectively come this far. A Best In Show!

I would also like to congratulate all winners and those who placed well. It is not easy given the fact that Holland Lops are the 2nd largest breed shown at the ARBA convention.

Always remember….Fellowship, Friendship, Fun!

GooOOoooooOOoo Hollands!


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