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Proud Of My Dad!

Every year at the ARBA Convention, HLRSC will give out an award to someone who has been in the hobby for a number of years and meet certain criteria through nominations. It is the Hall A Fame award. This year the 2010 HLRSC Hall A Fame award goes to Mr. Barry Hustins. And the award is in the form of a painting by my dad!


Congratulations Mr. Barry Hustins! Photo courtesy of Randy Blackburn



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Change is the only constant in life (I think I got that right). How much the kits have changed within a short period of time. Here’s a little photo update.


Tru-Luv Truli



Tru-Luv Trulo



Tru-Luv Trudi



Tru-Luv Trudle



Tru-Luv Symphony & Noir



Symphony has shorty ears. Hope they stay that way...


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