I can see clearly now…

First and foremost, this is week 4 for the DiGi Buddyz contest, we have came a long way especially now that everyone has reach home from Convention, last night we were at #28 and tonight thanks to all your votes, we’re at #19 right now. Dear friends near and far please vote for us! Click here, allow, like (in the little box), VOTE and tell all your friends !!!!


Get Tru-Luv Rabbitry to ARBA Convention 2011!


On the other hand, it is so hard to capture photos of black rabbits and today, I set out to the objective to get a good photo of Tru-Luv McNite Noir and his sibling Tru-Luv Symphony. Let’s see how I managed.


Two of the cutest thing ever!



Finally a decent shot of McNite Noir. Can you see his eye now?



Cute eh?



This is the cutest thing ever born here.



A surprise since the beginning, I hope she'll grow up well...



Just feel like squeezing....



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