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Tru-Luv Rabbitry starting off 2011 with a BIG BANG!

First of all,

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to all my dear readers!!!

Thank you for another wonderful year on this BLOGGER SPHERE!

Tru-Luv Rabbitry will usher in the new year being on the cover story of the Chinese magazine called Feminine. Make sure you grab the January 2011 issue!

The journalist Mr. Kenn Yeap has put in a lot of effort to pen down his thoughts as he went through a gruesome torturous 2.5 hours “lecture” by me. I am glad that he was able to pour out his heart unto this amazing piece of article. Rumor has it that this article would be 6 pages long (and wide) with nice photos to boot. Kenn basically maxed out the permissible number of pages for a cover story so you should expect something spectacular!

I am EXCITED and the bunnies at Meadow Haven are jumping for joy!

Tru-Luv baby!!!!




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Footprints of our lives

The image of the plains of Serengeti came to my mind today. Not that I have been there personally but through the window of the television – the idiot box isn’t that stupid after all. Every single year, survival instinct drives herds of wildebeest across the plains to find water – the source of all life. Each year, these wildebeest herds seemed to have only one purpose – to migrate. The most interesting part for me is that this exodus happens every year without fail and new wildebeest seemed to know what to do naturally.

It is how we are like here during the festive seasons as well. We flock the highway and look forward to a long queue back to our home town and etc. But today, I do not intend to write about that at all. I would like to write about our lives and the footprints our forefathers has left us with. The footprints in the form of the things we do habitually and naturally.

For me personally, I have some favorite spots that I love to visit once in a while. And somehow, I am able to revisit places that my parents have once brought me to. I am able to remember these places and get to them effortlessly. I remember there were numerous favorite pet shops that I love to visit. Some of them are still around and that is amazing although I do not enjoy visiting them anymore. I see a lot of cruelty in most of the pet stores these days.

What I am trying to say is that, my parents basically played a huge role in paving the footprints of my life. I cannot remember at which point of my life that I did not have a pet. Name a type of pet and I will be proud to say that I have had them all. But do I breed everything that falls into my hands? HELL NO!

The love for animals is in my blood...

It is so common for a person in the right frame of mind to want things in pairs because we ourselves are social “animals”. But we must start to take breeding out of the equation if we want just pets. Today I just want to share somethings that I have never done before. And I hope that there will be more room on this blog for my thoughts and my inner voice. Today, I added a new category to my blog – Thoughts. I share the core of my soul in hope that it will touch my readers in a profound way, and perhaps with a little glimpse of hope, bring a little change to this world.

Just knowing the fact that we have grown to be extremely suspicious of one another really saddens me. People tend to be secretive and afraid of sharing information in fear of losing their spot in society. Living behind a facade is very common these days. And that is true even in the rabbit world. Sad isn’t it? I am glad that I am able to live my life the way I like it without having the need to pretend. Go ahead and read my blog, I don’t really care what you think – that’s if you ever think at all (LOL).

Today, I cannot help but to realize that like my parents charting and paving the footprints of my life, I asked myself how should I then chart and pave a way for my children? I am in fact designing the shapes of the foot prints for the next generation. Every little thing that we do from the littlest to the most prominent actions, it brings different effects to the future. If we trash our pets today and have no regards for them in any way, the effect would be exponential in the near future. There wouldn’t be love left in this world.

I just can’t find any justifications in the act of breeding for money. I need enlightenment as my brain just blocks at this thought. I just can’t imagine my daughters seeing dollar signs on my rabbits.

Just like the Wildebeests in Serengeti, do we teach our future generation the way and the direction towards a better life, a better and larger water hole or do we send them to their doom?

Me and my dutch rabbit, Tyrese



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Tru-Luv Wilma

As each day passes, Wilma is getting better and better. I noticed her prominent crown the past few days after coming out from a molt. The only problem is that her ears are a little tad longer than desired. Other than that, she’s a sheer solid chunk of bone!

The gangly 3 months old Wilma back in April 2010

As of today, here is how she look like while still going through a little molt.

I am loving the crown and pretty nice topline

Chunky Chunky!


Also, accidentally drop by a blog that wrote about deceiving photographs of rabbits on sale. All I have to say to that is that in the rabbit hobby, it is all about self value and integrity. Cheats will never last long in the hobby that’s all I can say. Sooner or later the sh*t gonna hit the fan and all truth will be spill right out in the open.

But I can’t agree with what was further written that photos taken of mixed bred can make a mixed bred look like a pedigree rabbit. That part of the article seemed more like the writer was trying to console her/himself for not having superior stock and settling for second best. For whatever reason that prompted the writer to write in such a way, it is definitely a feeling of unsure whether or not his/her rabbits are pure bred. When in doubt, the answer shall always be NO.

I would again like to share a story…

The Fox and the Bunny grapes

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Peek-A-Boo Chocs

Day 11 today and they have got their eyes opened. Welcome to the world little ones!

Chocolates with Dark Chip

Or was it a raisin?

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2011 Resolution

2011 is just around the corner, here are my new years resolution for TLR:

  • Helping a fellow new comer to the hobby to start up a good herd
  • To help organize an ARBA sanctioned show here in Malaysia
  • Continue to promote ethical breeding
  • Continuous improvements in the Rabbitry
  • Snap more “poisonous” photos (improve photography skills)
  • Have fun and make more friends in the hobby
  • Be a good District Representative for ARBA
  • Organizing fun stuff for all rabbit owner and their pets
  • Attending ARBA Convention 2011

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Even on Christmas Day, I am an honest and blunt dude!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I have planned to rest from writing on Christmas Day but I just cannot help myself. Awoken early in the morning with the sound of a text message for “bunny business” is something not that appealing after a very late night and there goes the rest of my day.

I am not sure if I have made myself clear so far but I believe that many local breeders despise me and I just added one more into the “Hate Tru-Luv Rabbitry” clan. It is a known fact that I love my rabbits and my weblog/website resonants a loud cause – To love these defenseless little creature through ethical breeding, raising and sharing. No one can take rejection and most of the time honest opinions can be pretty offensive to some. I am sorry I have to do that on Christmas Day.

Although there is no need for an explanation on my part (they are my rabbits and I pass them to anyone of my choice), I just want to clear the air here (as usual). As of late, most of us have come across weblogs/websites of rabbitries “mushrooming” in the Internet world. Most of them have “Netherland Dwarf RM 200 (neg.)” or “Lop Ear RM 180 (neg.)”. I am not against the good and attractive prices. I am totally against the manner how the rabbits are derived. In my opinion, if business is that good, there is no need for a Tru-Luv Rabbitry rabbit to be part of that business.

I know for many, this is a source of income but that is just not in line with the cause I am fighting for. There are many implication if I give into requests of such and do allow me to explain but first, I want to emphasize that I do not discriminate and it is not to be taken as a form of personal attack.

1. Here I am writing all over my blog that I will ensure if I ever share my rabbits, they MUST go to good homes (the same as mine or better).

2. Besides from all the bad reputation amongst breeders, Tru-Luv Rabbitry have gained much respect through fighting for the cause as stated above (#1). I plan to persevere in my cause because the immense joy knowing my rabbits are well taken care of is priceless. I cannot come to terms knowing that my rabbits will be bred and their offspring sold at RM 180. My reputation will go down the drains because those rabbits will be marked as “from Tru-Luv Rabbitry” lines.

3. I can’t possibly slap myself on my own face right?

Therefore, I am very glad that not many “breeders” approach me for rabbits and I want to keep it that way. Because when I do get inquiries, they are QUALITY inquiries. I am really glad that everyone knows their boundaries.

It is TRU-LUV RABBITRY. If I may, it is correctly spelled as TRUE LOVE Rabbitry, GET IT?

Next year, it is the Rabbit year in the Chinese lunar calendar. I am shivering greatly in FEAR. Please expect more abandoned rabbits toward the end of 2011. I do not want to contribute to that statistics and I urge fellow breeders to breed responsibly and to pass their rabbits responsibly. I know money is placed above all, please spare those poor little defenseless, cute and adorable little rabbits. Please, I beg of you, have mercy on them…

So on Christmas Day, I have to turn down a request for my rabbit for the 2nd time to this particular person. Nothing wrong on his part but it is just my preference. But in doing so, I understand that I have disappointed him greatly. I must also admit that I am at fault for offering in the first place because I was totally unaware of how his rabbitry operates until I came across his website/weblog.


If you were a mommy rabbit, what would you do for the safety of your kits? Even in nature, a doe would run far away from the nest lest not to attract predators to her young. What more should we, as the STEWARD over all our pets do to protect them?

We are grown men with good/matured judgment. Money that can be made through the sufferings (pangs of childbirth) of lesser creatures, I can live without! Therefore, please appreciate God’s lesser creatures!


There is a wild rumor alleging me of trying to monopolize the Holland Lop market (what market?) through neutering and being very picky of buyer to the extend of being arrogant. Too bad if everyone takes it that way, I am not bothered to be honest as I only have my rabbits’ well being and my reputation at heart. That is utmost important.


Not too good to ramble too much on Christmas Day.

Today a child was born unto us to steer us to the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS. The message is, do we follow the world or do we follow our conscience? We are not of this world of materialism but we are just living in it at the moment. We continue to fight a good fight for what is RIGHT!



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Another Sleepy Morning

WOW! It’s Christmas eve morning already! In case I don’t post anything tonight, Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Tru-Luv Magique

Tru-Luv Mystique

Tru-Luv Trudi

Tru-Luv Symphony

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I paid my dues, 2010 retrospective

I still remember the evening of April 17th, 2008. I could almost saved the live of a little solid chocolate kit together with Holly Hope. For the rest of the story, go to my post entitled “I cannot take another DEATH“.

2.5 years later, I finally got some chocolates popping up. In the midst of all the happiness, it is truly the hard work that I would like to celebrate. The encouraging friends in the hobby are those that I hold close to my heart. I am very grateful that they always kept me afloat in this hobby. Many times giving up seemed to be the best thing to do but somehow there is always a fellow bunny friend giving me a nudge.

Twirl & Mars

Most of my bunny friends has been sending baby bunny prayers to me and I believe end of 2010 proves that those prayers has been answered. I am not saying that they are already perfect Chocolate Holland Lops for now but at least it is a good start for me.

Many things has happened in 2010 and here are some of the things I would love to cheer to:

  • Another year of amazing friendship and new friends found
  • All the beautiful kits born in Meadow Haven
  • I am able to palpate and even count kits in the doe’s womb at 10 days (finally!)
  • Another year being a proud member of the amazing ARBA & HLRSC
  • Being appointed the Representative for ARBA District 9
  • Seeing progress with MROC
  • Seeing more good home breeders taking steps to breed ethically

It will be a very busy year ahead. I am sure 2011 will bring many happiness and sorrows at the same time.  With the help with all friends, I am sure all obstacles will be conquered.

My new year resolution for 2011:

  • Get MROC to run in the full capacity of an official club
  • Hard copy newsletters for all MROC members
  • Regular activities for MROC members
  • Continue to breed for quality ethically
  • Sharing rabbits with those who are as serious in the hobby
  • Attending ARBA convention

Goodnight and cheers everyone!


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Random Photos (I am sleepy)

Chunky Bunny!

Just love the amazing color!




Goodnight everyone!


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Reliving 2007 HLRSC Nationals, Prescott Arizona

I got a pleasant surprise and also I must say one of the best Christmas presents that I have received today. I received a package from Carmel’s former owner and breeder. I was dumbfounded when I opened it. As we all know, Carmel is #1 Top Lop 2007. For those who doesn’t know what that means, she is the best Holland Lop in the entire United States (and also the world) in year 2007. And the best part is, she’s here with me right now.

A surprise!

Such a wonderful gift

The award title

Kay was so generous to share her with me and now, she even shared with me the award for Best of Variety (Broken). It is in a form of a plate with an image of a broken patterned Holland Lop etched unto it. I truly feel that I am now reliving the moment with Kay and Laureen back in year 2007. Click here for the 2007 HLRSC Nationals results that clearly shows that Carmel one the title when she was just an BJD (Broken Junior Doe – below 6 months!).

Carmel, she poses naturally all the time

I believe what I love most in this hobby is in the friendships that I made through these wonderful rabbits. They just bring people closer together and there is a lot of sharing going on as well.

This is so Carmel. She is a periscoping machine...

Thank you very much Kay for this wonderful gift. I am sure it is a piece that you hold close to your heart. I appreciate it a lot and I till treasure it for the rest of my life.

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