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So far so good

Besides from health issues and as far as what my Hollands produce are concerned, I always keep my fingers crossed for 2 things. Firstly, I wish that none of my breedings produce Fuzzy Holland Lops. In my opinion, Fuzzy Holland Lops must be banned from breeding. Secondly, I always hope not to get black Holland Lops. I do not normally fancy a black rabbit and it is mainly because they are hard to snap a photo with – LOL.

Jokes aside, I initially thought that McNite Noir was a fuzzy baby. Turned out she wasn’t, so 1 dislike did not materialize but he is still a black Holland Lop. As days go by, he is proving me wrong. I must say that he is the first black Holland Lop kit that I like.

How can I not fall in love with this little guy?

Kinda Chunka....

6 weeks old cutie!



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