Simple yet difficult questions

I have just completed a very interesting 2.5 hours interview (details soon). This will kick off a series of interviews coming up for Tru-Luv Rabbitry. Just imagining me talking 2.5 non stop all about Holland Lops, rabbits and more rabbits, I must be such an interesting subject – 😛

I believe the interview went really well. I answered all questions without preparing so it was rather straight from the heart like how it always is. But I somehow felt that I didn’t hit home with most of the simple questions.

One of the question that I find hard answering these days is “Why do you like Holland Lop or rather rabbits?” You can always expect me to be dumbfounded by this simple question. I really can’t answer.

I did apologize to the interviewer that I find certain question very hard to answer because my mind is more preoccupied with the technicalities like color genetics and general drug dosages for rabbits. It is like going from 100 km/hour and suddenly asked to drop to 30 km/hour. But I do understand that generally, the public is still unaware of certain things and I just need to work the brain more to help them understand from my perspective.

For most of us, we always begin with “I like Holland Lops because they are cute”. But for me, I have moved beyond that and if I answer “I love to have hands on experience with dispositions and color genetics”, it will be quite difficult to relate and that is something I do not like happening.

But for now, I would like to say that “I love Holland Lops because it is an obsession. It is an obsession that I have to prove to the world that ethical breeding is possible even with the tiniest of animals like Holland Lops and my obsession is to bring into this world beautiful and healthy rabbits to be shared by people who are obsessed with taking good care of their rabbits. YES, IT IS AN OBSESSION and it is called PASSION”.

For any man out there who likes cars and soccer. I am sure it is hard to get a good answer asking them, “Why do you like cars and soccer?”, RIGHT? I even found a friend dumbfounded when I ask him “Why do you like Liverpool?”

There you go, don’t ask me why cause that’s just ME and I have mad love for Holland Lops.

Cheers for the weekend!



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4 responses to “Simple yet difficult questions

  1. msiangrp

    were u interviewed by star newspaper member for the upcoming pet session on29th dec 2010???

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