Random Photos (I am sleepy)

Chunky Bunny!

Just love the amazing color!




Goodnight everyone!



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12 responses to “Random Photos (I am sleepy)

  1. CikguSyah

    Hi Tim,

    Are those chocolates your latest babies? They are so cute. I would like to have a chocolate or lilac Holland Lop in the future.

  2. Brandon

    Beware!!!! Chocolate fever is coming!!

    You finally got it Tim… Very nice… So whats next?

    • Thanks Brandon. It has been a long hard 4 years for me and things are slowly looking up now. They are inspired with the first solid chocolate kit I lost when Noobie had Holly Hope and her siblings. Now, I have been blessed with 2 instead of just 1.

  3. OMG i can feel choc melt in my mouth!

  4. Symphony is damn pretty. I still hope u have mistakenly sexing her, LOL!

  5. CikguSyah

    Congratulations Tim,
    I still hope I can have a Truluv bloodline in my Rabbitry. Looking forward for a lilac or chocolate buck.

  6. Oh, those babies are just precious. Gorgeous bunnies 🙂

  7. yueyi

    who’s the chunky bunny?i couldn’t recognise it…

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