I paid my dues, 2010 retrospective

I still remember the evening of April 17th, 2008. I could almost saved the live of a little solid chocolate kit together with Holly Hope. For the rest of the story, go to my post entitled “I cannot take another DEATH“.

2.5 years later, I finally got some chocolates popping up. In the midst of all the happiness, it is truly the hard work that I would like to celebrate. The encouraging friends in the hobby are those that I hold close to my heart. I am very grateful that they always kept me afloat in this hobby. Many times giving up seemed to be the best thing to do but somehow there is always a fellow bunny friend giving me a nudge.

Twirl & Mars

Most of my bunny friends has been sending baby bunny prayers to me and I believe end of 2010 proves that those prayers has been answered. I am not saying that they are already perfect Chocolate Holland Lops for now but at least it is a good start for me.

Many things has happened in 2010 and here are some of the things I would love to cheer to:

  • Another year of amazing friendship and new friends found
  • All the beautiful kits born in Meadow Haven
  • I am able to palpate and even count kits in the doe’s womb at 10 days (finally!)
  • Another year being a proud member of the amazing ARBA & HLRSC
  • Being appointed the Representative for ARBA District 9
  • Seeing progress with MROC
  • Seeing more good home breeders taking steps to breed ethically

It will be a very busy year ahead. I am sure 2011 will bring many happiness and sorrows at the same time.  With the help with all friends, I am sure all obstacles will be conquered.

My new year resolution for 2011:

  • Get MROC to run in the full capacity of an official club
  • Hard copy newsletters for all MROC members
  • Regular activities for MROC members
  • Continue to breed for quality ethically
  • Sharing rabbits with those who are as serious in the hobby
  • Attending ARBA convention

Goodnight and cheers everyone!



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4 responses to “I paid my dues, 2010 retrospective

  1. CikguSyah

    It’s great to hear that 2010 is a successful year for you. I hope 2011 will bring more success and happiness to all of us.

  2. yueyi

    it’s been over a year plus i read tru luv rabbitry blog…gain so much knowledge and brings me smiles when i see the bunny pictures…see tru luv rabbits come and go and how the rabbitry evolves even though it’s just a year long i’m following this blog, it gets better every step of the way..truly inspiring as a pet hobbyist.Can’t wait for my turn!

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