Even on Christmas Day, I am an honest and blunt dude!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I have planned to rest from writing on Christmas Day but I just cannot help myself. Awoken early in the morning with the sound of a text message for “bunny business” is something not that appealing after a very late night and there goes the rest of my day.

I am not sure if I have made myself clear so far but I believe that many local breeders despise me and I just added one more into the “Hate Tru-Luv Rabbitry” clan. It is a known fact that I love my rabbits and my weblog/website resonants a loud cause – To love these defenseless little creature through ethical breeding, raising and sharing. No one can take rejection and most of the time honest opinions can be pretty offensive to some. I am sorry I have to do that on Christmas Day.

Although there is no need for an explanation on my part (they are my rabbits and I pass them to anyone of my choice), I just want to clear the air here (as usual). As of late, most of us have come across weblogs/websites of rabbitries “mushrooming” in the Internet world. Most of them have “Netherland Dwarf RM 200 (neg.)” or “Lop Ear RM 180 (neg.)”. I am not against the good and attractive prices. I am totally against the manner how the rabbits are derived. In my opinion, if business is that good, there is no need for a Tru-Luv Rabbitry rabbit to be part of that business.

I know for many, this is a source of income but that is just not in line with the cause I am fighting for. There are many implication if I give into requests of such and do allow me to explain but first, I want to emphasize that I do not discriminate and it is not to be taken as a form of personal attack.

1. Here I am writing all over my blog that I will ensure if I ever share my rabbits, they MUST go to good homes (the same as mine or better).

2. Besides from all the bad reputation amongst breeders, Tru-Luv Rabbitry have gained much respect through fighting for the cause as stated above (#1). I plan to persevere in my cause because the immense joy knowing my rabbits are well taken care of is priceless. I cannot come to terms knowing that my rabbits will be bred and their offspring sold at RM 180. My reputation will go down the drains because those rabbits will be marked as “from Tru-Luv Rabbitry” lines.

3. I can’t possibly slap myself on my own face right?

Therefore, I am very glad that not many “breeders” approach me for rabbits and I want to keep it that way. Because when I do get inquiries, they are QUALITY inquiries. I am really glad that everyone knows their boundaries.

It is TRU-LUV RABBITRY. If I may, it is correctly spelled as TRUE LOVE Rabbitry, GET IT?

Next year, it is the Rabbit year in the Chinese lunar calendar. I am shivering greatly in FEAR. Please expect more abandoned rabbits toward the end of 2011. I do not want to contribute to that statistics and I urge fellow breeders to breed responsibly and to pass their rabbits responsibly. I know money is placed above all, please spare those poor little defenseless, cute and adorable little rabbits. Please, I beg of you, have mercy on them…

So on Christmas Day, I have to turn down a request for my rabbit for the 2nd time to this particular person. Nothing wrong on his part but it is just my preference. But in doing so, I understand that I have disappointed him greatly. I must also admit that I am at fault for offering in the first place because I was totally unaware of how his rabbitry operates until I came across his website/weblog.


If you were a mommy rabbit, what would you do for the safety of your kits? Even in nature, a doe would run far away from the nest lest not to attract predators to her young. What more should we, as the STEWARD over all our pets do to protect them?

We are grown men with good/matured judgment. Money that can be made through the sufferings (pangs of childbirth) of lesser creatures, I can live without! Therefore, please appreciate God’s lesser creatures!


There is a wild rumor alleging me of trying to monopolize the Holland Lop market (what market?) through neutering and being very picky of buyer to the extend of being arrogant. Too bad if everyone takes it that way, I am not bothered to be honest as I only have my rabbits’ well being and my reputation at heart. That is utmost important.


Not too good to ramble too much on Christmas Day.

Today a child was born unto us to steer us to the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS. The message is, do we follow the world or do we follow our conscience? We are not of this world of materialism but we are just living in it at the moment. We continue to fight a good fight for what is RIGHT!




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5 responses to “Even on Christmas Day, I am an honest and blunt dude!

  1. cassie

    hi there,
    i think i know who u meant.. oh well, in my opinion, ur bun-bun is top of the class,since they r showered with TLC.. i mean, look at the food u’ve fed em with. from there alone i can see that u really love them.. not letting em go? u hv the right to do so. n i believe wut u’ve done the right thing to secure the well being of the bun-bun..btw, u should really know the intention of a person who’s keen on ur bun-bun.. i’d advise u to not sell em to breeders…

  2. Eli

    i totally understand where u are coming from. i really cant stand all this breeding for side income BS. if a person wants to breed the rabbits, it shld be with love and respect. i’ve been reading online how foreign unethical breeders abuse their does by breeding them too many times in a year. with rabbits starting to be popular pets in m’sia, i wldnt be surprised that such treatment will start amongst the 2 cents breeders! yuk!

    • I agree with u and Eli. I myself can feel the FEAR of 2011 as it is the Rabbit Year in lunar calendar.

      I can expect seeing many young and un-weaned kits being displayed in the pets store today. Sad isn’t it? They’ve been sold at as cheap as RM20 each 😦 Poor babies. Poor does to be bred many times in a year!

      People asked me “Cute Shiro. Where did u get him?”
      I answered “TLR. Go and get one! ”
      But the common responds i’ll get is, “Owh.. that breeder? He is very picky,”
      And i even heard people said, “TLR is very expensive”

      I dont know how people judge/level u as PICKY and EXPENSIVE. But i myself, proud having Shiro and proud bcoz u as a picky breeder had chose me to have one of ur TLR babies.

      If they think they can get a good quality bunny with a cheaper price, then just let them have the bunnies they afford. If we can afford a bunny, can we afford the maintenance fee and medical fee?

  3. typo error in my previous comment – If we CAN’T afford a bunny, can we afford the maintenance fee and medical fee?

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