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Footprints of our lives

The image of the plains of Serengeti came to my mind today. Not that I have been there personally but through the window of the television – the idiot box isn’t that stupid after all. Every single year, survival instinct drives herds of wildebeest across the plains to find water – the source of all life. Each year, these wildebeest herds seemed to have only one purpose – to migrate. The most interesting part for me is that this exodus happens every year without fail and new wildebeest seemed to know what to do naturally.

It is how we are like here during the festive seasons as well. We flock the highway and look forward to a long queue back to our home town and etc. But today, I do not intend to write about that at all. I would like to write about our lives and the footprints our forefathers has left us with. The footprints in the form of the things we do habitually and naturally.

For me personally, I have some favorite spots that I love to visit once in a while. And somehow, I am able to revisit places that my parents have once brought me to. I am able to remember these places and get to them effortlessly. I remember there were numerous favorite pet shops that I love to visit. Some of them are still around and that is amazing although I do not enjoy visiting them anymore. I see a lot of cruelty in most of the pet stores these days.

What I am trying to say is that, my parents basically played a huge role in paving the footprints of my life. I cannot remember at which point of my life that I did not have a pet. Name a type of pet and I will be proud to say that I have had them all. But do I breed everything that falls into my hands? HELL NO!

The love for animals is in my blood...

It is so common for a person in the right frame of mind to want things in pairs because we ourselves are social “animals”. But we must start to take breeding out of the equation if we want just pets. Today I just want to share somethings that I have never done before. And I hope that there will be more room on this blog for my thoughts and my inner voice. Today, I added a new category to my blog – Thoughts. I share the core of my soul in hope that it will touch my readers in a profound way, and perhaps with a little glimpse of hope, bring a little change to this world.

Just knowing the fact that we have grown to be extremely suspicious of one another really saddens me. People tend to be secretive and afraid of sharing information in fear of losing their spot in society. Living behind a facade is very common these days. And that is true even in the rabbit world. Sad isn’t it? I am glad that I am able to live my life the way I like it without having the need to pretend. Go ahead and read my blog, I don’t really care what you think – that’s if you ever think at all (LOL).

Today, I cannot help but to realize that like my parents charting and paving the footprints of my life, I asked myself how should I then chart and pave a way for my children? I am in fact designing the shapes of the foot prints for the next generation. Every little thing that we do from the littlest to the most prominent actions, it brings different effects to the future. If we trash our pets today and have no regards for them in any way, the effect would be exponential in the near future. There wouldn’t be love left in this world.

I just can’t find any justifications in the act of breeding for money. I need enlightenment as my brain just blocks at this thought. I just can’t imagine my daughters seeing dollar signs on my rabbits.

Just like the Wildebeests in Serengeti, do we teach our future generation the way and the direction towards a better life, a better and larger water hole or do we send them to their doom?

Me and my dutch rabbit, Tyrese



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Tru-Luv Wilma

As each day passes, Wilma is getting better and better. I noticed her prominent crown the past few days after coming out from a molt. The only problem is that her ears are a little tad longer than desired. Other than that, she’s a sheer solid chunk of bone!

The gangly 3 months old Wilma back in April 2010

As of today, here is how she look like while still going through a little molt.

I am loving the crown and pretty nice topline

Chunky Chunky!


Also, accidentally drop by a blog that wrote about deceiving photographs of rabbits on sale. All I have to say to that is that in the rabbit hobby, it is all about self value and integrity. Cheats will never last long in the hobby that’s all I can say. Sooner or later the sh*t gonna hit the fan and all truth will be spill right out in the open.

But I can’t agree with what was further written that photos taken of mixed bred can make a mixed bred look like a pedigree rabbit. That part of the article seemed more like the writer was trying to console her/himself for not having superior stock and settling for second best. For whatever reason that prompted the writer to write in such a way, it is definitely a feeling of unsure whether or not his/her rabbits are pure bred. When in doubt, the answer shall always be NO.

I would again like to share a story…

The Fox and the Bunny grapes

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