Tru-Luv Wilma

As each day passes, Wilma is getting better and better. I noticed her prominent crown the past few days after coming out from a molt. The only problem is that her ears are a little tad longer than desired. Other than that, she’s a sheer solid chunk of bone!

The gangly 3 months old Wilma back in April 2010

As of today, here is how she look like while still going through a little molt.

I am loving the crown and pretty nice topline

Chunky Chunky!


Also, accidentally drop by a blog that wrote about deceiving photographs of rabbits on sale. All I have to say to that is that in the rabbit hobby, it is all about self value and integrity. Cheats will never last long in the hobby that’s all I can say. Sooner or later the sh*t gonna hit the fan and all truth will be spill right out in the open.

But I can’t agree with what was further written that photos taken of mixed bred can make a mixed bred look like a pedigree rabbit. That part of the article seemed more like the writer was trying to console her/himself for not having superior stock and settling for second best. For whatever reason that prompted the writer to write in such a way, it is definitely a feeling of unsure whether or not his/her rabbits are pure bred. When in doubt, the answer shall always be NO.

I would again like to share a story…

The Fox and the Bunny grapes


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