Remember this one?

Fred has been molting big time for the past few weeks. But when I took him out this evening and pose him, I was quite surprised to see his development. Not too bad in my opinion…

I kinda like the development of his H/E/C. There's an obvious molt line on his back.

I just need to widen his shoulders and shorten his front legs a little.



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3 responses to “Remember this one?

  1. Wow that is absolutely a renewed and amazing fur… When my rabbits molt I keep them in the rabbit hutch to protect the baby fur coming. I don’t know I just feel doing it and I don’t really have any basis on that. I just believe that staying cleaning will help in the development of new fur.

  2. Abby Uson

    This is a cool Rabbitry, including your rabbit’s as well:).

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