Tru-Luv Rabbits & Dad on The Star newspaper

Hi There,

If you are new to this website, a WARM WELCOME and thank you for your visit! I am sure you stumbled across this weblog through searching after reading The Star newspaper today. For my regular readers, thank you very much for making one of your favorite weblogs. This weblog has been around for more than 4 years now and it is where I share my knowledge hoping that every bunny in Malaysia if not the world will have a better life through having well informed and knowledgeable owners. I hope you take the time to go through what I have written (I know it is a lot of information here and it is hard to go through everything since 2006). I will try to create a page or link for important articles that I think everyone ought to read to be better rabbit owners.

Disclaimer: This is the official home to Tru-Luv rabbits. Watch out for counterfeits! Tru-Luv rabbits comes with tattoo on their left ear and a 3 generation pedigrees (official birthcert).

Sorry that I have to put that disclaimer before I start writing about my appearance on the daily because many unscrupulous breeders will start tagging along with the demand for these wonderful rabbits. Please be informed consumers and do not buy on impulse.


Please grab a copy of The Star newspaper or alternatively, you can read the articles here:

1. Tru-Luv rabbits –

2. Dad’s space –



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6 responses to “Tru-Luv Rabbits & Dad on The Star newspaper

  1. I’m reading the Star now!

    • “Some of my customers tell me that their rabbits keep them company by lying down next to them while they work on their computer,” says Chan. “They also run towards their owners when they hear them opening the fridge before begging for a treat!” <—- reminds me of my boy Shiro. He wasn't just begging. He jumped into the fridge for treats!

  2. Yueyi

    My dad was talking about holland lop in star newspaper and U were the 1st person tat came to my mind..congrats Tim..even my parents envy u..they were like “next time u could do this too when u settle down with a stable job”

  3. FurFurries

    Thank you for the honourable mention! Can’t believe u still remember that story of him. Seems like just yesterday eventhough it happened 3 yrs ago! We were still staying in our old apartment then 😀 *Binkiesssss*

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