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Trio For Starters

*UPDATE: So far, both the does has been booked and I no longer have a trio available and therefore Fred is staying.

In lieu to the 1st item on my 2011 new year’s resolution, I am offering a trio to someone new trying to start up in the hobby. Please email for more information. Genuine inquiries only.

Tru-Luv Fred. Buck. 1 year 1 month. Chocolate carrier

Tru-Luv Beetlejuice. 8 weeks old. Broken Black. Doe.

Tru-Luv Pepako. 10 weeks old. Black. Doe


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Rabbit Nutri-Drop Testimonials

I guess it is time to share the testimonials I have received thus far for this wonderful product called Rabbit Nutri-Drops.

Julie wrote:

My bunny was tired from a long travel and was not eating well and no poo and pee from her. Her tummy was getting a bit bloated. I gave her nutri-drops and within half an hour, her appetite was back and started to poo and pee. It is a miracle drops for bunnies when they are ill. Every bunny owner should have one in case of emergency

Maggie wrote:

my rabbit was sick as he could not eat! his molar teeth was overgrown. thanks to nutri-drops my rabbit pull thru a week with minimal food and water! i saw the difference after 2 times of feeding! he was tired and did not move much. after 2 feedings, at that night…he was running around chasing me! he was fine after a visit to the vet and got his teeth filed down. now i keep it close to him with a syringe! its in the ‘rabbit first aid box’ -2% cause i gotta force feed…it was almost IMPOSSIBLE! for my rabbit. but if ur rabbit is fine with force feed, then its a 100%!

Siti wrote:

hi Tim,

Just want to tell you how happy i am with my bunny.
What happen last time was, they ate detergent powder i stored in the room, i am more careful now with what around the floor. Thanks to you and Nutri-Drops, now, they both healthy, chubby and happy hoping around their room. Thanks again for your help and advise. We appreciate it very much.

malaysiangroup wrote:

Hi Mr.Tim,
i would like to thank you so much for introducing me “Nutri-Drops” which did wonder and saved my bunny.when i changed the environment and cages,my sweet bunny was upset and refused to take food and water,during this critical period, Nutri-Drops helped my bunny from dieing due to starvation.

Thank you very much everyone for your testimonials. It makes me really happy to know that my recommendations has helped save lives.

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A Love Letter Once In A While

Once in a long while, I will receive a “love” email from a breeder I once imported from. Today was one of those days that I received such an email. The email was pretty nasty and is of harassment material in nature. It was filled with intimidation and threats.

I guess with all the recognitions and publicity shining so ever brightly on me, there must be a few jealous fellas (oh, that rhymed didn’t it?).  As I have wrote about giving one the recognition of a reputable breeder, recognitions are to be given by others. And with so many articles featuring Tru-Luv Rabbitry, speaks for itself.

In the email, I have been accused of deceiving my readers through my weblog. I just cannot agree. This blog at the e nd of the day, is my personal “journal” where I write about my experience and expresses my excitement, joy and everything else. It is still up to the discretion of my readers to take it seriously, less seriously or they may even think of it as crap. I just can’t control what people say, think or feel.

Let’s take a step back and find out what is the real definition of a web log:

1. WordNet: web log – a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies; “postings on a blog are usually in chronological order”

2. – web log – A web page used as a diary or journal. Web logs are updated regularly and may contain any information that the author wishes to share with the world. Also known as a “blog”.

I believe the above information is rather ELEMENTARY and simple enough for the simple and not so simple minded.

In moments like these, I always go back to how grateful I am to have known Scott Rodriguez, Kay Miller, Teri Reymann and the rest of my bunny families in USA. They showed me what good breeders are – generous, classy, understanding and helpful to name a few good traits. We bunny people tend to treat people like our bunnies sometimes. What do we do with bad traits? We breed them out of the herd through selling as pets (the term cull is used). This person is definitely of cull (pet) quality just like the rabbits I got from her. I don’t think she’ll make a good pet either – bites and scratches all the time – LOL!

If it wasn’t for Scott, Kay and Teri, my herd would have never come this far. Yes by that, I mean that all my rabbits before Ivy Crescent’s Thunder, Miller’s Clark, Sonshine’s Brown Sugar, Wark & Miller’s Carmel and Ivy Crescent’s Haley are of brood/pet quality but have been sold to me as cream of the crop (top dollar, expensive junk). All the bad traits were improved (faster) with the help of these 3 people and my careful selective breeding knowledge acquired through a collective group of people I love to call FRIENDS. Knowledge I have never learned from this so called breeder. I also learned that the major part of this hobby is to turn crap into gold.

For those of you in the rabbit world long enough, you will know who I am referring to. I am never ever going to mention or give credit to this person because  no one should patronize such a nasty person who not only cheats but harasses at her whim and fancy.

Oh, by the way, it is technically impossible for a BOSB to end up a BRIS. Thought it would be nice to share…

If I can turn back the hands of time, I wouldn’t change anything. Having to deal with a person like this really made me a stronger, smarter and better person. I made so many good friends in the hobby just because of this person.  I won’t thank her for that either because the number of friends and recognitions speak for themselves (my guess is, I am LOVABLE!). She can say whatever she wants but truth will always prevail. I hope you do not have to deal with such a person. Lastly, if you have heard anything that didn’t come from me, those are what we call rumors and 100% of the time is not true. One thing I learn in this hobby, always go directly to the source.

And I find no coincidence that each time this person is spoken of, it will always be concluded with….


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Thank You Three Little Ladies Rabbitry

Tru-Luv Rabbitry is being featured on one of the most visited rabbitry weblogs in the rabbit world (in my opinion) – the Three Little Ladies Rabbitry. Who would have thought? I felt that I have came full circle in this hobby because I started off the hobby learning and reading from this weblog. To describe my feeling – Charice sharing the stage with Celine Dion!

Three Little Ladies Rabbitry has also inspired me to write the following blog posts in the past:

1. Taylor: A good role model for all children with PETS

2. Holland Lop Families I Love

As you can see, I do not write that well as compared to Three Little Ladies Rabbitry because I may tend to ramble and grumble a lot. I guess when you are fired up in the hobby, words are the best way to express oneself (for me at least).

I want to thank Rob, Cathie, Taylor, Jessica & Ashleigh for this feature. Through the years I have seen how the three little young ladies grow and mature in the hobby. Your family is truly an inspiration for me. Thank you very much for the friendship.

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We need to sing the same song

I do not know what inspired me with this blog title but it came to my mind this morning while I was driving. Right now I can’t really recall what I want to write about it but as I go along typing perhaps I will remember.

I believe it was about this entire rabbit thingy again (what else could it be?). I am losing my memory power pretty quick these days so for those who might be interested in dealing with me, please forgive me if I have forgotten anything at all or will be forgetting.

Yesterday while I was doing my usual rabbit blog hopping, I read a very interesting article about REPUTABLE BREEDERS. I think right now with all the Show Rabbit Breeders “mushrooming” in Malaysia, it is very relevant for us. I wish that everyone will start off on the right footing. Please visit one of my favorite blogs of all time (and also a blog by a family I hold close to my heart) – Three Little Ladies Rabbitry Blog post entitled WHAT IS A REPUTABLE RABBIT BREEDER?.

As you can see, I am still very far off from being a Reputable Breeder considering that I do adhere to most of the “protocols” of running a little rabbitry. I guess not many people know how much work is put into it except for those who have deal with me personally before. As the article suggests, a reputable breeder is one that never praises himself but rather have someone else recommending him/her as a reputable breeder. In short, a reputable breeder is a title given by others.

So here’s my request for my buyers/adopters/customers. I hope you can spend some time commenting on this blog post about your experience dealing with me and if you feel that I have been a reputable breeder. In short, do I meet or exceed your expectations? Do I impart good knowledge? Please write anything that you feel is proper and relevant.

And coming back to the title of this post today, indeed we really need to Sing the same song in this rabbit hobby. We must sing the same song called “REPUTABLE BREEDER”.

I hope with the upcoming MROC ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Shows this coming June 4th 2011, everyone will get an idea what rabbit shows should be. Please also bear in mind that this is our first time organizing such a show at this capacity and we ask for forgiveness for all the shortcomings and glitches that will happen.  Please know that we are all doing our best so that all rabbit owners will have fun on this day. Win or lose, we must be proud of ourselves as Malaysians for having some of the nicest rabbits and taking the first step in joining the ranks of those in other parts of the world to hold ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Shows. Please give us your fullest support and be kind to the same people who is spending their precious time making this event a success. It is not the effort of a single individual but a collective effort by a group of people who love to share. Let’s have fun!

Before I end my long winded post today, I would like to share a few photos of Tru-Luv Balian. Balian is back in Meadow Haven for a while and I am really proud of this little buck. Also not forgetting his wonderful/amazing family especially little Meg (she’s 3 years old this year if I remember correctly). I really want to thank them for taking such good care of Balian. I cannot stop seeing Clark in Balian.

Look who's back?

And he's always in a molt when he comes back - LOL!

Not perfect but good enough for me...

Happy Weekend everyone! Please drop me a little testimonial if you have any. Thank you in advanced!


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Cutest Pets Contest

Hi Everyone, our friends over at Pet Epicure is running a contest on facebook. Click here for more information!

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Bon Voyage Toble!

I bid farewell to Toble with a happy heart knowing that he is going to a home that will love him. I am extremely sure about this because his owners, a nice family of 4 came all the way up from the state of Malacca just to bring him home. It does not get any better than that, does it? I always enjoy seeing the smiles on faces of new rabbit owners – just priceless!

I had a lengthy explanation session with his new owner and I hope that I did not “upload” too much information or else there will be an “overload”.

Baby Toble. What a little cutie

Turned out, Toble is meant to be a birthday gift for a young lady who was also born in the year of the RABBIT! Isn’t that amazing? It was her dad who contacted me and I believe it was a special inquiry from the start. Being a father myself, I can truly understand how much he wanted to make his daughter happy and I am glad to be of help. Come to think about it, in this hectic world, I seldom see such act of love anymore. True Love they say?

8 weeks old Toble. Still cute isn't he?

Happy Birthday to Ms. YYL! May you have a wonderful birthday!


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Sin Chew Daily On Valentine’s Day

A huge thank you goes out to Ms. Venice and her team mates at Sin Chew Daily for this wonderful article. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my passion with all your readers.

To date, Tru-Luv Rabbitry has appeared on the following medias:

  1. Feminine Magazine
  2. The Star Newspaper
  3. Malay Mail
  4. The Sun
  5. Sin Chew Daily
  6. Nanyang Siang Pau
  7. Guang Ming Daily
  8. RTM1

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My Birthday Wish

How Appropriate...

I was thinking and I mean a lot of thinking about what I would like to write on my birthday. I am totally blown away by how accurately the journalist wrote about my dad and I on Sin Chew Daily today. Tomorrow will be Part II. I just can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos (I can’t read Chinese) and getting my dad to translate the wonderful article.

So what was I thinking. The words – PILLAR OF STRENGTH came to my mind this afternoon as I thought about little Carmel’s role in the rabbitry. She is indeed the eldest among all the rabbits. And when I think about Carmel, I cannot help but to think about my grandmother – The Pillar Of Strength of my family. Grandma in her many experiences in life is one of the reasons why I am so inspired in my life.  Grandma preaches nothing but LOVE. Her love unites everyone in the family together. Back in the olden days, not many people have the opportunity for good education but grandma did the best she could knowing little to none about life.

Looking at myself in the newspapers lately made me felt so unworthy when those who are suppose to be in the limelight is someone like grandma. She never expects anything in all that she does. She needs no publicity but yet her role in this world is so great.

In the rabbitry, Carmel is indeed the pillar of strength. She holds the entire rabbitry together for me. She is the symbol of Tru-Luv Rabbitry. It was the love for another human being in the likes of me that this #1 Top Lop came to stay in my rabbitry. I have written about the unsung heroes of rabbitries – the broods but for me, Carmel is truly the inspiration in my herd.

So my wish for rabbits on my birthday is that all senior “Rabbitry”-zens be blessed with good health. May they grow old gracefully…

P.S.: Grab a copy of Sin Chew Daily on Valentine’s Day!


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Adventures of Un-4-tunate: Valentine’s Special

This is the Valentine’s Day message that I would like to share with fellow readers. This should be the 2nd serving of this comic series revolving around a Holland Lop I named Un-4-tunate. For the 1st helping, click here.

Also a long overdue tribute to Conkers (his comics here), the handsome little ND owned by one of the greatest artist I have the honor to know – Lauren Nicholas of LILBun Designs.  If you remember, I once used Lauren’s illustration as my blog header/banner. I really love her art very much.

Hope everyone enjoy my original free hand sketches:

Moral of the story: No matter what happens, please keep your Valentine’s bunny. Thank you…


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