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Belgian Shepherd anyone?

Think Holland Lops, think Bulldogs. Indeed Bulldog is the closest term you can use to represent the ideal Holland Lop. They are bred to “look like” little bulldogs. In short, bulldog can be use as the synonym for Holland Lop.

A good example of how Holland Lop resembles a bulldog - Bulldog puppy pic taken from google images

Once in a while, at different stages of growth in a Holland Lop, you may find that a particular kit may resemble a different dog breed. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to figure out which dog breed Tru-Luv Trudle looks like. And I finally settled for the Belgian Shepherd – LOL!

Trudle my little Belgian Shepherd puppy - Belgian Shepherd puppy pic taken from http://www.beljekali.com

I just hope that no one is breeding Chihuahua Bunny out there. Or else…..


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Year Of The Rabbit Hoppin’

We’re featured in Nanyang Siang Pau today!¬†Also, American Pet Diner – the secret to healthy and happy bunnies revealed!

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