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It Really Is A Labor Of LOVE

I know the blog has been pretty boring these days. Nothing but publicity and advertising. I just can’t help it. Here’s another advertisement to bore you before I write my heart out.

I am really gonna write my heart out tonight because I have never done that in a long long time. There is so much that I want to write tonight that I find it hard to pour everything out all at the same time. It is getting late and my mind is about to shut down.


I want to start with thanking all who have taken the time to write to me and letting me know that they appreciate my effort and how they like what I do for rabbits in general. At times, I know that I may appear to be a boastful and may cross one’s mind as a person who love to brag, arrogant and proud. If I really had to, I will choose not to be.

I sometimes get “I take my hats off you for being able to take good care of your rabbits amidst from having a day job, a family and etc, etc” and frankly, I truly appreciate all these compliments very much. And I thank all those who have used such generous words from the bottom of my heart. And I salute you because you have captured the essence of my effort and the cause I fight so hard for.

If you have really taken a step backward, you will notice I never once praise myself for anything at all BUT INSTEAD, praises are normally showered unto my rabbits. My love for them is so great because they, aside from my beautiful family are the ones that keep my heart happy. For simply being themselves.


If you have the time, just take a look at Tru-Luv In The Media page. This is truly an affirmation that I must be doing at least something right to be given the honor to appear on public media. Aren’t we all in this world seeking for affirmation? We yearn for respect, love and praise. It has been 4 hard and long years raising these rabbits. I sometimes ask myself, what am I really asking for? Why am I spending so much time blogging just that everyone will come to know about every little thing that I go through raising these rabbits? Why am I the generous fool attracting all the attention and recommending all the good stuff that I have tried (helping others boost their business indirectly)? Why? Why? And Why? What do I get out of it? What do I really get out of all these? Payment for Advertisements? NONE! WordPress does not allow any sort of funky HTML advertisement. So yes, I get nothing out of writing so much on this blog.

I seriously do not know why I am doing this but it brings joy to my heart. I went through a late night correspondence with one of the journalist while she was working on one of the articles and she asked me if I am up late doing bunny chores. I said YES and it was 3 a.m.

It all boils down to one word – PASSION.

I really do not ask for much for all that I do. All that I ask for are:

1. People treat their rabbits well

2. Putting a smile on someone else’ face when I hand a nice Holland Lop over to them

3. A sincere praise/compliment for my rabbits for being naturally beautiful

4. Knowing that someone has learned a lot about caring for their rabbits through this blog

5. Knowing that someone else is also breeding responsibly by not overpopulating the world with unhealthy animals

6. Knowing that the general public accepts and promote neutered pets

7. Knowing that good rabbit products are accepted and used by owners who love their rabbits

8. Knowing that someone saved his/her rabbit through experiences shared in this blog

9. Knowing that my recommendation has helped someone in distress

10. Knowing that a vet I recommended here did a good job treating rabbits sent to them

And the list goes on…

What do I really get? You really want to know?

A heart that smiles wide…

It is really a labor of LOVE…

BTW, grab a copy of Guang Ming Daily newspaper tomorrow (9th February 2011). Online version here.

P.S.: This is not a Valentine’s Day message…


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